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He was in a position to actually make decisions about development on the land. And I went to the department of plan, and I say, hey, we're not gonna have any Obama presidential library. I love to figure out how to develop this land alderman. Scott had wanted something that would rival the Obama presidential library a Basketball Hall of fame or a similar destination site that could draw large crowds into north Lonsdale. That is until he. Met with representatives from clarion partners development group that was interested in building something very different on the land. So we're we're heading west on Roosevelt from office, which is on the forty two hundred block of Roosevelt headed down to the large parcel of land. They used to be the silver shovel site. This past summer, the alderman, and I walked over to the lot. We're clear partners hopes to build the planning clued several hundred thousand square feet of light industrial space big warehouses for what's called last mile, logistics. That's basically a building that can store a product after it's been made. And before it's been delivered to consumers. They also want to build retail along Roosevelt road. Alderman, Scott is a natural politician a skill. He probably learned from a lifetime surrounded by politicians. His father was the president of the Chicago Board of education, and an ally of mayor Daley as such alderman, Scott is good at selling his vision for what the lot might look like if it were developed today. We'll we stay now. I see a grocery store. I don't know if that if my Vision's going to come to fruition, but I see a nice grocery store, very clean and then right in the middle in between both of them in the tires. A little bit further. We'll be furthered in the tires. I see maybe six or seven businesses. So I see all of that. I don't know if you see it. But I see it. It's right there. Then back here all industrial nice landscaping a far cry from what it is currently. A few months ago. I found some old pictures from school carnival held at Sumner elementary school in nineteen ninety five. You can see John Christopher's dumps in the background. When the photo was taken silver shovel hadn't made the news yet the youngest kids in the photos wouldn't have no north Lonsdale without the mountain. I mentioned the photo to alderman Scott, while we were out there because I wanted to know whether or not he was worried about the impact on students, if the picture were taken today would there be a line of delivery trucks, instead of the piles of debris? Are you worried at all about? Traffic and Chuck's and the kids. And so there's already been a traffic study done by clear, we will try to exit have everything exit inter on the main thoroughfare, which is Costner Costner. You can get on the expressway onto ninety. The clarion partners proposal is considered light industry, but industry, all the same a far cry from a presidential library or a studio where blockbuster films are shot, but definitely in line with the industrial legacy of the lot. Remember from the nineteen sixties to the early two thousands north Lauderdale had lost tens of thousands of manufacturing jobs and alderman, Scott wasn't enthusiastic about the development with Klarius partners until he realized that a project like this one could bring back some of those jobs when they first pitched it to me. I was like no, I don't want that. I don't see this for my community and imam mind, I was set on a destination. But as I did more research and more research on industrial complexes in the city of Chicago. And how many jobs they bring to a community into a community that needs jobs in need desperately. Thought to myself. This can be something that is more transformative than an Obama presidential library. Kevin Matt ski the managing principal and founder of clarion. Partners says the company was drawn to the site by many of the things that had drawn others there. Everyone from John Christopher to President Obama, twenty acres of vailable lint close into the city Chicago and that in its own right is a pretty rare commodity. That's the initial attraction to us that it was a sizeable scalable type land site, vacant easy for trucks, employee's in cars to get on and off the expressway in the city. Chicago Maske hopes that the project if it's built might become an anchor for more development, the inverse of what we saw with the legal dumps where waste just attracted more waste or hope is that by investing..

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