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Senior value right about these guys i have yeah yeah now usually like fifth year seniors they got injured there twenty four conference yeah i'm out on i don't think it's good quarterback meet that la valetta yeah it's like la you l e t t a like i'm out it's a good name not a good quarterback it's a good lacrosse name the letter yet heating oh yeah the south dakota carolina dowsett there also to me is grog twentyfive go to jail brian weeden he set the baseball infielder but he got is very two a minor league baseball aaron donald running right at you protect tom brady i'm hard out on this guy shouldn't be drafted at all yeah he's probably gonna be great but i'm out on them i'd be fine with that being the one that got away listen sale were pissed because it was too too early i kind of was too i agree with that but if it's my thing tight end is if he is if he can do both right if he can be legit receiving threat which i believe oj howard is andy can also block against clinton is in this league so that's the thing you can do both at an above average clip that i'm okay with taking you if you're only just a receiver you're only if you're only gonna block like you can draft just that guy that's fucking guy we got from the colts last year dwayne allen but if you're if you can do both at high levels like i was all on jay howard i could i didn't like it for the same reason.

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