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May have slipped away in the early hours. But they've left them the eggs, they pelted still Smit on the windows of police, h q, and plainclothes officers using bin bags tape to try to cover the graffiti, sprayed onto the walls to words next to the police logo reveal what's been driving this anger, withdraw, and release withdrawal, this extradition Bill and release those detained during the previous week of protests. But this morning, Hong Kong's Justice secretary ruled out an investigation into claims of police brutality during the disturbances. A building under construction in Cambodia has collapsed killing at least three workers. Rescuers searching for survivors in the rubble of the seven storey block in the city of Sihanoukville. It's fair as many as thirty people are still unaccounted for has been a surge in construction in the area. News from the BBC. Salunke has extended a state of emergency imposed after the Easter Sunday, suicide bombings killed more than two hundred and fifty people president Mitrou policy center had previously indicated he was unlikely to renew the measure. It's not clear. What's behind the apparent change of heart French prosecutors put forward charges against Chadian rebel leader, who was arrested in Paris. On monday. Muhammed Nuri is accused of recruiting child soldiers and Chad and the Sudanese province. Dr for over a five year period until twenty ten he denies the allegations vote is in Mauritania going to the polls to choose a successor to president Muhammad Abdelaziz. He's stepping down after completing two terms in office, and seizing, power and AKU eleven years ago Louise to west has more details. Mauritania's minister of defense Mohammed, all as one who is a close ally of the current president is widely seen. As the front runner in these elections. His five opponents include the former prime minister CD Mohammed Buba, and a well-known activist candidates have all campaigned on promises to improve the standard of living, some have questioned whether the vote will be truly free and fair. The electoral commission has rejected claims from the opposition that they are biased towards the ruling party's candidate and have son that transparency will be insured. Officials Japan Railways say that a power outage that caused major disruption to their services last month was caused by a rogue slug over twelve thousand people's journeys were affected the end of may when a power cut caused nearly thirty trains on the southern island of Kyushu to shut it to hold an investigation found the electrocuted remains of slug lodged inside equipment next to the affected trucks. And that's the latest BBC news. This weekend at seventy six.

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