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Your fear of seeing the dentist with the help of IV sedation learn more at no fear dentist dot com looking for rain to come into the tri state in just a little while as a matter of fact and then for tonight's gonna mixing with some snow showers are high of forty one overnight low near thirty one and expect less than a half inch accumulating tomorrow will be sunny well high of forty seven thirty two degrees right now news is a service of Kerry automotive dot com it's being called the worst case of child **** in the state and a local man now knows what he's facing we know it's the biggest in this area maybe the state of Ohio but the county sheriff Richard Jones speaking earlier this week when twenty four year old Trevor Frehley was arrested on suspicion that he possessed child **** it was originally part of a drug investigation the sheriff said that big charges were coming in now Frehley has been indicted on one hundred one counts Frehley allegedly had thousands of pictures and videos of children being sexually assaulted some of the very young Jones has said that he may ask federal agencies to get involved I'm Jack crumbly newsradio seven hundred WLW lots of cash is coming to the Cincinnati northern Kentucky airport for improvements the grants totaling eleven point six million dollars from the US department of transportation the money's going to go to fix to taxi ways and build a connector between taxi ways of fifth third center shooting survivor from Louisville wants to make sure an incident like that never happens again with the Austin was wounded in a shooting at a bank building in Cincinnati last year she testified before a legislative committee in support of an extreme risk protection order bill it would allow courts to take guns away from people who are deemed dangerous to themselves or others it has bipartisan support if you're paying attention president trump Lindsey Graham Elizabeth Warren they all believe that foe is the solution to this gun violence problem the NRA opposes so called red flag laws claiming they violate due process rights similar bills did not get a vote in the General Assembly earlier this year I'm Paul miles news radio seven hundred W. L. W. sports basketball last night Jericho Miller's basket with eight seconds to go send Cincinnati past Illinois state sixty six sixty five.

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