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Of impending to if folks keep easing off. We know what to do and we can be responsible humans and it seems to me that this is lapsing into a bit of hyperbole. We'll just put it that way your thoughts this morning nine seven three five. Three thirteen dropped me a text on thirteen ten k. f. k. A text line number for you our new cohort of texters. All you have to do is text. Kfi k. eight to nine seven four seven eight thirteen one the first time you use that number and then you can text away to your heart's content. But do you think it's a little much as we're getting Just all these. Just harrowing warnings from the cdc as you have the head of the cdc's oh impending doom. If people people keep easing off and again a standard disclaimer applies here. I'm not underestimating. I am not minimizing the effects of covid nineteen in the fact that we have seen over half a million people succumb to The worst effects of covid nineteen that we've seen over half a million people in this country alone died due to complications of covid nineteen. But let's just say. I'm a little bit jaded and a little bit skeptical all particularly when it comes to that ever rotating litany of lockdowns and guidelines and restrictions and fearmongering. I think that's the best way to describe it. Fearmongering that is coming out of the centers for disease control. Is it really that necessary. Or is it accomplishing an end game One who's end still remains to be written just asking the question this morning. Nine seven three five three thirteen ten. Meanwhile yet governor. Jared polis announcing Just this past pride or excuse me announcing just yesterday. I believe that the state is expanding vaccinations to pays two. There's the friday reference on friday april. Second now what does that mean for you. Well phase two includes the general public that means colorado and sixteen and older will be eligible for the vaccine. The pfizer vaccine and those eighteen and older will be eligible for both the madonna and the johnson and johnson. Vaccines but yes. This news was delivered in a very cautionary manner. Just because said governor jared polis just because we're opening it up to all colorado ones doesn't mean they'll get it the first weekend. I think we know the drill there. He said it's currently projected that all colorado who want a covid nineteen vaccine will receive it by mid to late may in about six to eight weeks. Paulus repeated his previously stated believe that life in colorado would return to some level of normalcy Maybe that's when the new normal begins by mid june. When asked about the statewide mask mandate police said colorado is moving toward more localized enforcement of covid restrictions. And isn't that how it should be and that the state is targeting april sixteenth to start handing over those decisions to local commissioners and mayors interesting to see. I don't know why. Do i see this tug of war. It's kind of like my puppy rudy. When he's got his rope toy. And it's like mean that needs crawling. Were pulling tugging. I just wonder how that transition to the weld. County commissioners is going to be just asking the question you know that relationship between the weld. County commissioners and governors jared. Police the governor's office. Let's just say it's an interesting a sixth community. Vaccination site is being opened at ball arena in downtown denver. There also be a mobile buses whether mobile distributing vaccines beginning. Next week now the ball arena site will open on april first this according to the colorado department of public health and environment by out to you can start making appointments if you're so inclined at that site now now colorado department of public health and environment said they will distribute two thousand three hundred forty doses of the covid nineteen vaccine on april first and second just right around the corner with a goal to increase administration to six thousand doses per day. The state has contracted with true care. Twenty four to operate that site now among the community. Vaccinations sites that were previously previously opened. One two three four. They're five of them. That includes the ranch events complex in loveland. Which is a community vaccination site in partnership with fema police went on to say colorado wins ages seventy and older and to a lesser extent. Those sixty and older will continued to be prioritized in the vaccination process adding please. If you are over seventy we want to prioritize making sure you are safe because you in that age group you are at the highest risk For well the impacts of the virus he also announced that at this point percents of colorado and sixty and older have already been vaccinated that includes seventy nine percent of folks seventy and older seventy one percent of people ages sixty five to sixty nine and fifty three percent of people ages sixty to sixty four overall one million five hundred seventy nine thousand five hundred and ninety nine Have been vaccinated with a first dose and nine hundred ninety. nine thousand. Six hundred in eighteen have been fully vaccinated. This as a governor. Pull us announcing. The state is expecting the courts according to a piece out of nine news by wilson breeze The state is expecting vaccinations to expand to phase two on friday april second again including the general public colorado in sixteen and older eligible for the pfizer vaccine. Those eighteen and older will also be eligible for the moderna and johnson and johnson. Vaccines eight sixteen. Now thirteen ten. Kfi a thirteen ten kfi k. A. dot com this time check. Sponsored divided candlelight dinner playhouse in johnstown bringing you an amazing musical production of little women starting april eighth and running through june. Sixth all you have to do is jump online. Visit colorado candlelight dot com for tickets and show information. Candlelight dinner playhouse.

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