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It up. Yeah. Yeah. It did exposure therapy. Bows them two things. Young street street-smart. Yes. Yeah. Or movie theater someday? I'll tell the Rog your picture show story. I maybe I have told it. I just watched it really young get informed who I am in a lot of beautiful ways. Yeah. Makeup lies glamour Singye, Zik musical. Yeah. Sexuality. I'm very sexual. I love that. We laughed at that. That's how it's fine. Just because I'm fucking square. It's fine. You are not am. But it's fine. I love that about myself. I'm never nude. It's part of who. I am. You know, when you when you say never nude you go to Korean would never step foot. I would never set foot. But your body is banging, but thank you. But but at the same time, it's like do I want my banging body out onto display for everyone to see? I mean, it's kind of like my thing. You know? It's like my secret treasure. Okay. I love that for myself. No. I'm just really modest. I, you know, I'm just really modest. Okay. Yeah. I wish I mean like I wish I was like you. Yes. I'm just like, no matter. What would I have ever been? I've been all of them. Like it's been like, oh, he went to my clothes like I. But it's all about just everyone's different different. You know, I'm very modest. And that's the way I am. I don't know what to tell you. I'm trying I said gonna set I was going to try to be less like that. So I think I might go to the Korean spa day and not tell anyone and just go for my own journey Z. But I'm scared. Listen, Honey, once you get a little we spa action liking are going to give you that thing. You can buy anything. It's a little wristband in like Baig, take your clothes, and they give you their camp close, Honey. And there's a Korean store in there that you can go crazy was she asks in little shavers and naked in there are you shopping for she mass Nate, you could be really male part. Fuck do people do that. Usually, they're in a robe, you know, but like I would. Wow. Goals goals right there. I want to shop for sheep masks new. Yeah. No. I don't as soon as I said that my wrangles bitch. You know, we're all our own people. Yeah. I here's fine. I it really is. What makes you comfortable? But if sometimes challenging yourself doing what's scary. I'm gonna do it at some point sharks. I'm doing all kinds of crazy things. Sharks? Mary. I was a nightmare. I got seasick and threw up, and I'll wants to yell Nelson sharks. Ocean is fucking raw. It's rough. I mean that the ocean takes no prisoner. Yeah. The ocean doesn't care who the fuck. You. Are it will ground your ass? Coy who you are doesn't care if you have a number three Beatty part gas on it doesn't care. Honey. No prisoners. It was like, oh, you you wanna get in this right now. Well, we're gonna make it hard for you. Yeah. It was intense. That's funny. You should say that because. Yeah. One time with Michelle Thorne who, you know, another friend comedy friend, and we were did adventure thing in Cancun. And we were like kayaking, and I kinda act a jellyfish. Onto mysel-. My John me. Yeah. I see myself in that moment. Yeah. And then I had to wait until we were whatever hoisted to shore and the Michelle horn to pee on me. Yeah. And by the way, it work like that. Oh, yeah. Just like, I'm friends. Right. Yeah. Succumbs realities neutralizes, the Danial. Yeah. Well, so you've been Pete on. That's kind of. Yeah. I have Donald Trump. I don't know whatever. But in this time. Yeah. I don't have to pay anyone for it. Great story out of it. That's how I feel about my sharks. Yeah. I got a great story out of it. Yeah. Yeah. We lived with revived the tail we sure did in the ocean is healing. Honey, the oceans healing healing. We're we are the victors at the true. We are. Let's talk about four hers dot com. It is a wellness brand. That.

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