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Didn't get gets but we're allowed to bring one object of are choosing to help but the thing is we're not allowed to use his alma allowed. You put over up. What easel anything like that. So he's mike sir makes a good shot and he said i was at you mark. Yes that's always ragging but didn't know if some bees budding thinking of the networks hornets is only one way to find out. What's your what's your. What's your thoughts on this one. Marquette like Geeze laugh seeking always thought maybe just actually now thinking maybe like a smear myself in juice my in like liu so by just to slippy for them to pick how how bit commodities lab schick loop this stuff to get stabbed important where eight now and you got that that russel shaw the process sprout spray sprite. There's like a and they're just just shit to over so on maintenance as i hope slipping away slide. My custody in grabbed. That tempt me about said lied wheel alone. The counter i. I'm not sure if that would actually stop. Prevent the the hornets from thing than you i think if they see you disrupting their the area that a thank thing that oil all that kind of substance on your skin really going to do it especially if there's five hundred of them one of them's going to get through. I feel about a really long pair of tongs nelson in my really good. Except maybe just just miss shits and giggles. We'll just put. We'll put will in a female hornets suit cartoons dresses the moving cut by jerry. All female right. How does that work. How do they breed there. You have been a thing that die after they breed and then they start laying eggs if structure yeah ants bees and hornets and stuff and lost.

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