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Let's get to read a Kessler in the W T o p Traffic center in Virginia. Let's start out with the delays on north about 95 trying to get out of Fredericksburg after 17 in Falmouth, Watch for the work, usually in the left lane, Then your delays from 6 10 Garrison Hill Road trying to head into Quantico. This is the crash along the left side. Then, after the crash, a report of work set up in the right lane now eastbound 66. The delays are approaching the Beltway, where there was a report of a truck. Fire North bound 3 95 is still slow toward King Street. There'd been an earlier incident along the left side. Also, reports of work getting ready to set up along the left side's just keep an eye out there. Also, Elden Street was closed between Gray Street and Ferndale Avenue for an accident that brought down a pull on some wires in the roadway. So keep an eye out for anything that may be changing in that area in Woodbridge was Benita Fitzgerald, Dr North bound between Cardinal driving Bronco Way under police direction due to a gas leak now in the district delays both there. Erections on to 95 trying to get onto the inbound 11 Street Bridge. Watch for a crash on the bridge. The South bound D. C. To 95 Delays air before Pennsylvania Avenue north about 92 95 just slows approaching the bridge. We had the earlier wreck on New York Avenue near Fourth Street. You were under police direction. Also Connecticut Avenue North Bend Your Fest. Indian Street was a report of a wreck in Maryland. The eastbound I 70 after 40 and Frederick, the broken down vehicle on the left side. After 17 and Myersville. The right side was blocked with emergency. Work. 1 17 or West Diamond Avenue near Perry Parkway was a report of Ereck, also westbound East West Highway near Taylor rode the right lane had been blocked with the work soon. You'll also find Cruz Station Road's still closed between Crume Road and three Oh one Crane highway. This is emergency work. The bridge over Charles Branch washed out. Looks like the road is compromised. So just follow the posted detours. I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p. Traffic. All right, let's turn into storm team for meteorologists. Lauren Ricketts who joins us live Wow. It's getting hot. Today. It is in those temperatures are warming up, fraidy quickly.

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