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A name change after they round the season from Bob Feller to Manny Ramirez and with the fictional movie major league in the Middle Major League Baseball has a rich history in Cleveland. It's history flows. Like the river through the heart of the city history that has given this miraculous moments Doctor Tom Hanks in a video announcing that after this season, the team will be known as the Cleveland Guardians, The club says the color scheme will remain the same. The name recognizes the guardians of traffic sculptures on the Hope Memorial Bridge. Brian Clark ABC News on Wall Street Markets trading up This hour. You're listening to ABC News Health Department. Covid 19 Vaccination events are free and open to the public 12 years of age and older. Visit the online vaccine event calendar at vaccine dot Hamilton TN dot gov to see where the Health Department is offering an event today No appointment is necessary Questions call the Covid 19 Hotline at 4 to 3 to 09 83 83. I'm doing my card. Kennedy, the police pulling the body from the river downtown Thursday only bound under the old Johnny Bridge Thursday afternoon. Autopsy underway now. Someone killed when he tried to run across 24 near Moccasin Ben Thursday evening eastbound lanes of 24 close for a couple of hours between Brown's ferry in 27 for that investigation. A welcome reunion Thursday afternoon for two young girls missing in the waters of Ottoman Acres. W. G. O W S. Lewis Lee has the story. A mother reported that two girls ages seven and 14 were missing and believed to have been in the water on floats. Several rescue agencies search the water and surrounding trails. About an hour later, one of the girls called her mom. They were with a golfer on the fourth hole at Brown Acres Golf course. They explained that they had missed the takeout point. Onshore stories. People talk about W G O W You want to.

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