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Always has the weights Perdomo throws Crawford takes in a deserted skips in front of home plate past may hear the backstop and then moved to larger third very wild pitch from Luis Perdomo may he is not known for his defense behind the plate but there's nothing he could do about that one small wonder Brandon Crawford and now another one of those or an infield hit and the giants could have their extra run five four that's the giants lead here in the seventh inning read almost on sixty five pitches today has been a long relief outing since his fourth inning of work Crawford swings and misses now is the change of that's a real hard change up strike one large take use lead away from their Machado as well off the lines of the LAR can get a real good lead the pitch is low taken by Crawford and not handled cleanly by may he although it's the right around the home plate area ball to media is far from Austin hedges in terms of a ball blocker Austin hedges is great at it so again with the guys trying to get Crawford out down we'll see two one is bound softly to first Myers has it and he's gonna go to bag for the put on and that's that thank you to this including a double in the inning but they do not score seventh inning stretch you're on a Sunday and I assume we're gonna have a performance of god bless America so if we do we're going to stay here and let you listen in yeah looks like we're setting up for it so here in San Diego we will turn things over the public address system welcome to U. S. marine corps lance corporal Megan brown a we sing along a few percent god bless America men RVCA yeah yeah.

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