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Platitudes and nice stories. Thank you. I'm going to try to be as specific as I mentioned our criminal Justice system. I've called for the end of the prohibition on marijuana and the expunge of the arrest records of everyone who's been arrested for marijuana. I've been doing that for a long time on the question of healthcare. Talked about universal guaranteed. High quality healthcare you ask the path to get there. Two extrordinary women with whom I served in congress. Jan Schakowsky of Illinois, Rosa, delauro of of Connecticut have introduced a proposal called Medicare for America that ensures that if you have employer based insurance, and you like it you keep it your doctors your network what works for you right now, if you don't have insurance or you don't like the insurance you already have you enroll in Medicare costs a lot of money will be measured in the trillions of dollars. It is not inexpensive. I made the point in the hope the case earlier, it's a far it's lot less expensive than taking care of people. At end of life who've never been treated in the first place. Okay. So are you convinced he's got actual policy ideas? Next hour. We're gonna talk about what I consider to be instances the divine intervention. To save America. Lost gonna talk to an author of a book about the electoral college going to ask her whether or not it's true that the electoral college was quote conceived in San meant repatriates slavery, and whether or not abolishing the electoral college would put small states in play which is what Bill will work says just the opposite of what most people say about the purpose of the electoral college all of that and more that'll also doubled down on his third. Trimester abortion defense..

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