Franken, Whitby discussed on Mark Levin


To deal, with all the pressing queries and you have some people who. Believe these charges and so on but. It doesn't make a campaign manager so. Let's say could actually sued. You and you had a lawsuit pending and you said this lawsuit is, totally? Bogus, but I don't want to worry about, this during the campaign so let's just settle it with Franken doesn't turn it into a campaign expenditure it's still a personal expenditure So you want to clean up, things that have taken place that in your view may bring. Negative press to your campaign it might, influence the outcome of the election and. You say you know what These are private matters this is my. Money I've every right to spend spend this money to do, that correct right What if the converse were true it seems. To? Me A complaint would be filed every single day against candidates who, are running for office when they spend their own money your corporate money to to look better or to quiet people who are attacking, them or to do whatever by different kind of car where different kinds of clothes get it as you. Point out, and get a new haircut and so forth, I, mean the. List of charges with the, endless well yeah potentially Whitby let us take for example suppose candidate where successful businessman and, had a number of corporations and he said this corporations let's give all our employees a big Christmas bonus here, because voters will see that I'm a really generous employer. And that will make them think highly? Of me right does that turn that into campaign expense can they now use campaign funds to pay those bonuses to employees of the business house. Campaign can use campaign, funds rather than the business. Funds the answer is.

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