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Here real quick, like time is of the essence Steve, what's going on this morning? This wanted to reply to some of the comments about the pistons. Long time, by the way, listen to your dad back in the day. I am a retired union carpenter. The, the course we paid our social security and our taxes, as well as everybody else's retard after forty years. Agency that the gentleman I bet is PDD C and pension benefits. Guarantee court bridge. That is not funded by taxes. Bevis funded by. Insurance premiums. That they've actually taken over in the Clinton plans recoveries of unscented on funded pension liabilities and so forth. Now, what hasn't we certainly are not living in luxury. There is a percentage that the PBGC guarantees. And I'll, I'll put the numbers after I was. I wasn't living on twenty two hundred dollars a month until April, first April first, we were cut by fifty percent down to nine hundred dollars a month. So we certainly have no toys. We certainly have no not living in luxury, and we're not taking advantage of, of any, anybody so security or income taxes. So that I guess that's how. This is your saying, like the whatever pension you were on had had to make the cuts and it was new. For nearly fifty percent or more than fifty percent from twenty two hundred dollars a month to nine hundred. That's a, that's a hell of a cut. Yeah. And I don't know about anybody can get by comfortably on nine hundred a month. No. Thankfully muscles Kirti made up for a. Certainly and the other thing if we. I'm not defending the union, but I am defending members we have no say so over how our money is best. There's an executive board. It makes all those for us. They absolutely made some poor decisions. And I think one gentleman said that, you know, he would rather have his social security or is income tax on his cheques. We could vest himself or so security right on. Absolutely agree with, I would too. I wish I would have had our, our, you know what we we, we paid into the pension ourselves. Well, we paid in the employers, matched, and that was all worked out under the contract negotiations. So, you know, we're we're flexible certainly not living in a luxury. Well, Steve check it in here. We'll get quick time out and return as we wind things down Friday morning. It is America's trucking network university of Maryland University College, submits the members of our military, who inspire us with their unwavering commitment to service like alumnus, Jake Messiaen when Jake joined the marines, he promised his dad, he finished his college education as a combat. Correspondent traveling to forty-three.

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