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Portion of Atlanta's winning new sponsor by Northeast Georgia Health Systems. Gainesville at 7 32 Here's Marcie Williams, a judge about as more schools closed because the Corona virus outbreaks and students shift a virtual learning double the ESPYs. Michelle, right reports live parents should be on the lookout for cyber bullies. Yeah, that's right, in part because kids will be on their computers. Ah, whole lot more while we might like to think they're going Ian. They're secured student portals the entire time. That's probably not realistic, which means they could open themselves up for predators or cyber bullies. Officer check McPhilemy from the Marietta Police department tells me parent should talk with their Children and observe any changes in behavior When we were Children. We didn't always talk to our parents about what was happening at school, but we were able to get on a bus and go home. Children today can't get away from that. He tells me if there is any bullying, take a screenshot for evidence and then reported to the school Reporting live. Michelle right? 95.5 WSB Georgia records a second straight day of more than 100 covert related deaths after setting a new record with 122 deaths Tuesday, the state added another 105 Wednesday. Georgia's death toll from the pandemic not closes in on 4500 epidemiologists at Emory expects that trying to continue Georgia leads the country and rate of new cases per capita in the case count has been rising. Since May. President Trump does not waver in his push to get kids back in the classroom. Jamie Dupri in Washington even as some schools have had to stop in person instruction because of new Corona virus cases, but you'd rather see them go back period. Right. President Trump made clear at a White House event yesterday that he wants kids back in their classrooms of sitting in isolation with a computer looking at a laptop. Is not the same. But Jamie Notes. Congress remains in gridlock on calls from both parties for billions in funding to help schools open safely during the pandemic. Florida opens a covert testing site. A Disney world in Orlando testing site is set to open today at the Disney Main Gate Complex, Your Animal kingdom, it will be available to cast members their immediate families, visitors as well as Florida resident Veronica McGahee's says. The union representing Disney performers also announces an agreement allowing those performers to return to work during the park's phase reopening. It may be the Wave of the future for air travel to fight Corona virus. Robots using UV disinfecting technology now roam the airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan, feel safe. I feel confident that the Ford Airport is doing its part in the fight against this virus. The airport's maintenance director says. The robots are cleaning baggage claim security checkpoint, even the mats to.

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