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High it's it's Ellen Degeneres. Welcome to my podcast. We're GONNA listen to some of the best moments from the show and it's going to be hosted by four executive producers that I love happy. Be Listening you're hot ED. Let's go my on on the top edge wearing invest vest. I just think sexiest hell. I was saying it's a hot mic in three two one. Go on on on today's episode of Ellen on the go it's frozen our celebrate international worldwide box office sensation Asia biggest hit movie of the world with Josh Gad. Evan Rachel Wood Adina Menzel of frozen too. I'm Ed Glavin Andy last ner Mary Mary Conner link from frozen to the second. Come to go everybody or is you know it Andy and France. Oh I am proposing. It's it's Ellen on the go just here internally for the paychecks is that right yeah the paychecks. Yes wait a minute wait a minute spot west. Because now I'm serving calling it. Eleanor your representatives. But to the outside world we are Indian friends like if we got paid we would really step up our things. I got paid we. We would get a little more than we need to talk to your agency saying weekly. I honestly hand back and be like nope. Not Worth this war we're paying your overpaying us through what we're giving if you're giving us too much choice award Tandy and friends. Keeping the heat owns overpaying paying right to start with something current. Can we start with. What's that well? What's happened happened today? What we did today? What we did today was Josh Gad? Guest hosted the show he did and the four of us you know what else here you know takes a village on Ellen but I pour but today Josh Gad was guest hosting I wallow so we took that as an opportunity unity to divide and conquer a little right right so Kevin and Mary did the show here At an I know we watch Kevin Wonderful. I watched the whole Shush. Josh Gad was terrific guy it was yes he was terrific he was easy going. He pitched fund jokes. He loved all the material. He had nice things to say about everybody Eh. He was really fun. He was really fun to work with and an easy he was comfortable frigging worked hard at a whole song. He was audible in all of it. He like went out to rehearsal early the and worked on his song and like it was it was entirely enjoyable right so we go we every day whenever we do a show. We do a control room meeting. which is the meeting right before we show and so Because Josh Gas Mr Broadway and Mr Frozen we did a special thing in the meeting the control room meeting. We said the role of Ed Glavin. Today it's going to be played by Kevin Leman Andrei because the what they do in the theater. 'CAUSE ED wasn't under study Kevin was that YEP so they'll lauren was in the booth breath. Lauren is Kevin. Yeah Yup today. That's the job amy child was Melanie. Right Yep so those were those were our basic changes and then I go off and do the show right on the floor on the floor with the with the audience and the host right. And what did you do in the control room. I put my headset on. What does somebody did? He imitate. Add the whole show. I just did add key moves guy. I pump my fist when the scare work real nervous jittery before it corey out that does scare me. It does scare you. I yelled at Terry. Well see as you were doing it for Josh Cat. I do it for Ellen. I believe me. I don't WanNa disappoint our gasset right. That's like the towel. This was the only thing Josh Gad asked for your guest hosting the only thing ask for is that he wanted to scare Adina Menzel. And I'm suggesting to you that when I Q Corey Ellen. It's much more of a high wire. Act uh-huh ed. Made this story about you being ed about Ed I we need to get video of queuing. Ellen Ellen scared because it was pretty funny I've not seen it. Share Point is during second and I know what you do. I watch every day during the second commercial break I get a phone call. It's Josh Gad. Can you come over here. Things feel unorganized. uh-huh Josh do me a favor. Kevin and Mary really good people give him a chance. He called me after the show and said you know what you're right. I stuck with them. It wasn't so bad. Oh Take my God elevated quality about the Josh Gad. Show believe wasn't a ruin we just we just cut the dead weight but I will say Ed is very communicative on the headset. If putting in a photo oto if ED's changing something if it's doing anything he's on the headset to make sure that Andy and I on the floor. No one point at at one point and Oh and Matt Wright played the role of Andy Today on the tag not easy Hashtag not easy but it won't got a lot of demands hands. Oh man you've got it. Kevin was so quiet at one point over the headset. Matt's head Kevin or are you in the control room because I gotta be honest. I'll show you a picture. There's a thousand buttons in front of me control my headset each button. Talk to someone different and I've never conquered how to make how to who can hear me scared to make a joke. Well I don't know the things out of the show. I have no clue what's happening all my God. It's like it's almost like a little birds chirping so fun. All here's the other thing in the in the and the meeting so on a regular show as as we've just talked about. Ed Cues Corey to scare that. And it's a big thing. Big timing box in a table set that is a comedy cue for example the guest. You're scaring needs to be looking at Ellen or the host or Josh yes or the host. Or as if they're looking away they're not gonna see the person when they pop out. Yeah right okay. So we're in the control room meeting Kevin Kevin we've now learned. has this button phobia and Kevin Turns to Korean. Go So Corey Ula take your own Q.. On the scare exactly I said so. The Queue Line is so the queue line is. You're not sick and me and then you'll do the scare ad if there's any problem all interjected stop you you know what if we each whatever home style well exactly would stop him so every conversation on the coffee table it so happens was texting. Get over here yeah. So that's when I believe there was one time I couldn't hear Mary and Matt Yelling at me for a picture. I couldn't hear what they asked for them looking. I thought I heard you say do you have them at Disneyland. Well she wasn't a picture so yeah right so we got through the scare. Okay timing unbelievable so then Evan Rachel Wood perfect she glazed over that. The scare scare was scare. Scare was scare nothing thing may Josh Gad. Happier did that scare and a gift. He's ever been given you gotTa Channel so Evan Rachel Wood is also on the show and she tells a story about how she was on her way to Disneyland when she got got the call that she was going to be in frozen. I have to start off with the fact that even though we're in the movie together I only recently met you and your son. This is true. Oh at Disney Khan and I was like boot. This is this is Olaf. And he's kind of looking at him. And you're like I got this closure is and then you said in his ear. I'm Olaf and I like warm. Hugs and my son just goes. It really was.

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