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Developing stories in just minutes, where the time now is 1217, it's one of the busier commuter routes in the area. And Alexandria has long-term plans to improve traffic on it. But some neighbors are worried what it will mean for them. This is the intersection of duke street in west Taylor run park. It's right near the entry and exit rams of telegraph road, which is just a short hop to the beltway. Neighbors around here have dealt with cut through traffic for years and there are speed bumps on the smaller streets. Some are concerned that the city's long-term plans include a new traffic light on duke street, neighbors want to make sure that doesn't mean a whole new influx of cutthroat traffic. On duke's trade deal I can steam double you TLP news. July 27th with your time now, this early hour is 1218. Graphic and weather all the aids first as always over to rich hunter in the WTO traffic center. All right, some good news for folks traveling eastbound on 66th through fog here counting the crash just after the on from U.S. $17 plane at mile marker 24. Everything now over to the right shoulder, all lanes are open and the delays are quickly easing so good news still about a half mile slowdown getting past the remnants of the crash. Again, everything over on the right shoulder tractor trailer involved in this one beyond that point they are still working as you approach 29 games while two right lanes get you by, then between 28 and center and the fairfax county Parkway single left lane past the work and you're down to a single left line again as you pass not least street headed toward the capitol bellway, ramp to the outer loop is open, ramp to the inner loop is closed, you're diverted to route 7, follow the posted detour there as a result. Now over on Georgetown pike westbound as you go over the top of the beltway, single left lane to the work zone, but as of late you could buy without delay. Eastbound all lanes are open tonight. Over in maclean, the dulles connector at eastbound, leaving one 23 headed toward 66 and falls church, single file gets you by the construction this morning. For now, no major issues in the district long I two 95 or D.C. two 95 suitland Parkway in south capital street moving well, New York avenue between northwest and northeast, no incidents reported in either direction, rich hunter WTO traffic. Storm team four track and a couple of showers, not too much out there, but watch out for a few wet roads, give yourself some extra time for that morning commute. High temperatures

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