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Pre game with Chris Boden is at six thirty. The game starts at seven with John and Troy here on seven twenty WGN and wgnradiOcom WGN traffic. The O'Hare extension has been slow going all morning, obviously. Because of people going into O'Hare to go wherever they are trying to get to on this Sunday after thanksgiving. The delay is from the Kennedy into O'Hare goes all the way around terminal to the eastbound Jane Addams ramp, also solid the Kennedy now. From O'Hare to downtown is over half hour and also the for Montrose, a fifteen minute ride from Montrose on the Eisenhower. Stop and go as it has been for a while. Now from Ashland to the burn interchange. It's a half hour from route three ninety to the old post office other expressways moving moving fairly well at this point do be careful out. There is this weather continues to move in already reports of snow and rain in and around the immediate area, which will make travel more and more treacherous as the day goes on and shawny very kindly as offered if anyone gets stuck, you know, because of the snow they can't get out of the city more than happy to have people over at his house tonight. That's why I made the big pot of chili very nice thoughtful. I can see him winding up at the door right now. I guarantee there's not one other newscaster in the city providing that service. And I didn't know I was providing it until now. Now, you know. Personalized traffic on demand. Get the Traffix Chicago app approved by the mortgage experts of team hockberg just search T R A F F,.

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