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Jeff Bolger at twenty and fifty past the hour on come on is your call will propel insurance money update stocks struggled a holder only modest gains ending today's session narrowly mixed the Dow industrials edged up eleven points but the S. and P. five hundred slipped to points Starbucks shares dipped to percent after the coffee giant warned late yesterday that China's coronavirus will likely hurt the company's bottom line meanwhile shares of Boeing rose one point seven percent despite the plane maker reporting the surprise fourth quarter loss Boeing also said today will trim production of its seven eighty seven Dreamliners in early twenty twenty one Microsoft fiscal second quarter was a solid one with the software giant exceeding analysts' expectations on both the top and bottom line thanks in part to continued straight to the companies as your cloud business in response Microsoft shares moved higher in after hours trading Amazon reports quarterly results after the Thursday close that's your money now I'm Jim Tesco komo news now your political insights from ABC news the first of a possible two days of questions in the Senate I send a question to the death Republican senator Susan Collins asking the first question at the start of sixteen hours set aside from that in the impeachment trial today asking if the president's motives mattered if it was in his and the nation's interest the president's attorney Patrick filled with so once you're into mixed motive land it's clear that their case fails there can't possibly be an impeachable offense at all thousand Bridger manager Adam Schiff urging senators not to wait for John Bolton the publisher's book in two months to get answers saying John Bolton should testify don't wait till March so seventeenth when it is in black and white to find out the answer to your question is it all the motor some of the motive or none of the motive does your political insights hi Mandy field ABC news president trump has signed the new US trade agreement with Mexico and Canada the US MCA replacing the North America free trade agreement trade experts say its impact will be modest ABC's Karen Travers at the White House with details as a candidate for president trump regularly slammed the north American free trade agreement or nafta calling it one of the worst trade deals ever made any plans to negotiate a better one if he was elected president today the president delivered on that campaign promise by signing the U. S. Mexico Canada trade agreement we're finally ending the nafta nightmare and signing into law the brand new U. S. Mexico Canada agreement as very very special Karen Travers ABC news the White House democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is set to open a Seattle campaign headquarters the Sanders campaign says it has raised more than five million dollars from people in Washington so far what volunteers have held nearly one thousand different events across the state the campaign headquarters opening is free and open to the public Thursday afternoon at five thirty to the intersection.

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