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I feel like the guitar you no i it's not important go ahead no did you ever hear the evolution of this song bulgy right for my remember that yes to the next part and then it goes into what it became if you ever the one album that i got that i love was the love soundtrack did you ever hear that yeah yeah with the remastered nonstop beatles sing and the rule was they could use anything that was ever recorded by the beatles then that'd be in the album any tracks and george martin his son giles did it and there's a lot of that acoustic strawberry fields it's so good one to another yeah this is the one nobody i think is in my tree yeah yeah yeah it must be high low yeah that's great that's great that's great you put great video to this new at the gates of actual strawberry fields as an orphanage vaguely remember that there's a liverpool through you can take sure you've taken a taken we actually go to the gates and see strawberry fields strawberry fields on the wall yes and i saw but the video to this very trippy to once again it was it's not it's not in magical mystery tour though but it's a standard and it was shown on like the david frost show and it okay all right and they're very peppery welcome do feel yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah john does this one scene these into him and he's just staring it's just very very druggy and then once again this this has kind of creepy ending were kind of comes back right on the famous.

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