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Anyone who may have felt uncomfortable or disrespected by his behavior after cnn reported that multiple women have accused him of sexual harassment in inappropriate behavior on movie sets and in other professional settings is here from from pbs morgan freeman said anybody who was known me or work for with me knows that i'm not someone who would intentionally offender knowingly make anyone feel uneasy he said in a statement sent to associated press i apologize to anyone who felt uncomfortable or disrespected that was never my intent the cnn report includes the account of a production assistant on the seventeen heist film going in style who detail an incident in which the actor repeatedly tried to lift her skirt and asked if she was wearing underwear she alleged freeman subjected her to unwanted touching and comments on a nearly daily basis on the film several women alleged that he made frequent comments about their bodies or he would stare at them in ways that made them feel uncomfortable cnn spoke to sixteen people about freeman aide said that they had experienced harassment or inappropriate behavior and eight said that they had witnessed such conduct seven of them described harassment or inappropriate behavior at revelations entertainment a company he co founded the cnn report also cited a council by three entertainment reporters of inappropriate remarks they allege freeman made at press junkets including the reports co author and eric you were telling me that earlier when we first came in and we were in our previous about that this is how all this began it all began with a cnn entertainment reporter and she sits down with the stars of of that movie being morgan freeman alan arkin and michael caine and they're all seated together across from her and she was pregnant at at the time michael caine in the video that she still has she has it on video because it's a press junket they record everything.

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