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Okay and i walked by the cosma here the fan is like running full blast go in there and it's very warm and it's like okay i don't understand it runs one program everything i removed as much as i could from this thing and it runs decently it runs this one program and i go open the task manager and look and cpu is ten and it's system stuff got pin so i i do a reboot the fans go down and it lasts maybe twenty twenty five minutes up come the fans again and then i walk into my office where my my macro fifteen sitting and it's doing the same thing fans are out there running faster than nor so i start searching all over rule i can't i can't find anything why is this happening and then after about about i don't know half an hour i hit this site this guy's discussing this fans are running on his mac book pro and he couldn't understand why but so here's what happens it turns out i like to access my machines one travel so i have the the remote desktop turned on your desktop is vnc right it's the same thing and i have a port opened on my router that let's get to it promo okay so there is this thing going on now it's coming from russia from china that people are port scanning for vnc ports and then they're doing dictionary and password attacks on him and i went and looked at this guy said oh go into you know library slash bar slash to this log and look at it and there are millions of bad password rejected that jay koster jerry so the mac doesn't say oh you've had like four attempts i'm gonna shut you down it just keeps sliding each people bang up so both my machines being attacked with people trying to log into him and it turns out it's very common do they actually log in or those this attack complicating password isn't in the dictionary.

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