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In the case of Venus it's a natural phenomenon a planet in the case of starlink it's a man made I have which is SpaceX's space launch of satellites in space well he knows his subject matter doesn't Cheryl or he sure does you could talk to Jan about this for ever the two we have to cut it off at some point that is really it really does is down in the next segment we're going to talk more about disclosure and ask you'll be quite surprised at some of the some of the viewpoint that he injects which makes a lot of sense that maybe we haven't thought a whole lot about before so we'll do that and then talk about what MoveOn is doing for their upcoming out reach symposiums Tom and I met you again several years ago at the Stephen Bassett exhibit in Washington DC and yes Dr Edgar Mitchell the astronaut the late astronaut was there and everything what Cheryl who got you interested in UFOs I've always been interested even though I was in mainstream news I've always had a curiosity beyond the headlines because so many things seem and and fulfilled not complete in the reporting and so many stories would go unnoticed and passed over and the UFO phenomenon was one awesome whether it was real or not or you believe it or not the fact is it was there and it was an undercurrent so to speak and I did become interested in that hello a long ago and aside barges and is is at one point I was pretty active in hot air ballooning and had my own the land and design my own billing really yes and one of the designs I potentially came up with was of a spacecraft with the other being for faster windows around the equator of the of the body of the bland and this is long before I started working with the X. conferences and hosting those conferences foresee fasted up in Washington DC they were just a lot of oddities and friends who were very involved and and then some time later on a yeah I did have a siding but it wasn't as dramatic as some of them and Justin and explained change of direction and some lights in the sky and he knows that was ours and theirs but it is one thing led to another and here we are today just kind of followed my pathway of being interested in the the curious and unexplained when you were in a car person at CNN did you cover any you awful stories that they even permit that them not really not really in in the news room you can you know what is going to be acceptable and what is it you just know it you don't have to ask until you're not you know what the tool you know what the agenda is and so is that your job you do your job and you you do the reporting of the story is that this is and within the the framework where you're working you've been doing this work now for several months are you enjoying yourself I sure yes I'm I'm enjoying it and meeting a lot of people and getting to know some people I knew before a lot better and it's it's it's wonderful I love being able to talk about these kinds of stories that said you really don't hear on mainstream news are you getting good comments from listeners in terms of email information and tips and things like that incredible I just it it's unbelievable some of the feedback that I'm getting from them Cheryl's website is linked up and coast to coast AM dot com and she spells her name with two elves at the end C. H. E. R. Y. L. L. Jones dot com and I mean that we've got the best audience in the world sure we sure do and I might mention the I have an alternate email in case my website crashes like you did the last time which would be SpaceNews at Yahoo dot com space news at the Yahoo dot com yes how did you get that that sounds pretty interesting I was a visionary early on yeah you grab that someone's going to offer you some mucho money one day Ford I'm all yours you never know in you whether in this storm lately this coronavirus yes it's really strange so much has happened this month as you know so many things this has been a month since then maybe we'd like to forget some day but we're all collectively and with your the sprayers segment tomorrow night we have settle make a very big changes well but we have to get through this we're all looking forward to it and we just have to keep positive would not be amazing actions after the year pre recession sure all that all of a sudden experts started saying we're seeing a very strange downturn in these cases one that be something right right I'm looking forward to that happening all right we're gonna come back with the part two of Cheryl segment with her interview with the executive director of the mutual UFO network feeling lost not close to your radio grab your smart phone or computer and listen to I heart radio pick up the free I heart radio apps in the app store or go to I heart radio dot com on top radio eight forty W. H. until able to get back there you might need some help doing something you're normally able to do pay your.

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