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A rigged VPN investigation and and it's only the three felonies dollars thirty an obstruction three cents a clear a month but for they your only first year cared about annual no enrollment underlying that's crime it three and dollars thirty trump three cents publicly complaining to encrypt on every Twitter male about whether you should fire every Mahler tax sent and received then you've got it's Norton not dot Nancy com Pelosi slash BPM it's the squad the most influential will be happy to be able to dig up a tape of Congress woman Omar white men are the most dangerous threat in America today now that it's this squad that is influenced the most of twenty twenty democratic presidential hopefuls listen a lot of conservatives in particular would say that the rise in Islamophobia as a result of hate the FIA alleged affair they say of quote on quote jihadist terrorism whether it's for the hood all sound than a Dino with the recent truck attack in New York what do you say to them I would say add our our country should be more fearful of of of white man across our country because they are actually crossing most of the deaths with in this country I don't have time to play at all then we've got Congress woman to leave comparing this boycott Israel the same words by the way we got a lot of **** comparisons from the squad because the Cortez that these are like concentration camps these these holding facilities for illegal immigrants and then you had congresswoman Omar and saying that while his roles like around and we boycotted **** Germany now we got to leave comparing the boycott Israel movement again to **** Germany listen I stand before you the daughter of Palestinian immigrants and to experience being stripped of their human rights the right to freedom of travel equal treatment so I can't stand by and watch this attack on our freedom of speech and the right to boycott the racist policies of the government and the state of Israel all Americans have a right the constitutional right guaranteed by the first amendment to freedom of speech to petition their government and to participate and boycotts cans of conscience have long and proud history you participate in the boycotts specifically to advocate for human rights abroad boycotted **** Germany in without their human is eight yeah **** Germany concentration camps millions of innocent people slaughtered you gonna make that analogy in comparison all right that's three of the four that have now done that and then we've got a Castiel Cortez the Americas a garbage country GOP's running a torture project along the southern border I'm not making this up wasn't they should not be using a humanitarian crisis.

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