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At Navajo dot com. Traffic and weather on the 8s here's Dave dildy. Okie dokie Hillary, three 95 between the third street tunnel and the Springfield interchange delays remain in a few spots, but all lanes and ramps should be open. The motorcade has passed. The outer loop traffic is slow to go south on 95 through Springfield, and that is near where the truck rolled over this morning. The guardrail repair continues along the left edge of the ramps from the outer loop, taking action 57. You're slow and you get by those crews to the right. Northbound on 95 slow into Dale City, the works on before exit one 56 was when last seen blocking the left lane. George Washington Parkway, road work, northbound near the CIA and southbound south of chain bridge road, one lane slowly getting by. Chevy Chase Maryland, there is a work zone on Connecticut avenue at Jones bridge road, south pound, it should be the right lane block northbound, it was the left lane blocked. It will be slow toward that crew. Northbound of the Baltimore Washington Parkway beyond 32 slow and single file past incident response. Now open metro silver line extension connecting you to 6 new stations, including dulles airport, connect with more, connect with metro. Dave dildine WTO traffic. A lot of storm team four and Mike steinfeld. Intervals of cloud cover and some sunshine this afternoon is going to be rather windy, our highs upper 40s to mid 50s. Sky's turning ferrets and I think Winslow dive in those upper

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