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This is where you are going to, you know, live out your life for seven-plus years. I'm very surprised that he didn't consider Saint Louis before and it sounded like the decision was made. Holy on winning and to me I look at that and I say were you really ready to go. Louis? Like are you sure you wanted to do this? Because part of me thinks now, I'm not saying staying with the Bruins, but I do wonder if you done research into Saint Louis cuz didn't sound like you did. It did not sound like they were ready to go to Saint Louis and it just sounded like maybe I'm wrong and it's his decision, but it kind of sounded like it was very impulsive not leaving the Bruins. I think that was always off like we all said he was gone but choosing st. Louis sounded a little impulsive. I mean, it's I think it's one of the situations right where it seems like it wasn't on his radar. He mentioned that and then you look at the options, right? I mean if he prioritized winning and getting a fair deal in the Bruins game, let's say they offered that six six and a half million dollar contract. I'm what are your what are your other options that you want to go to Detroit and make sense from the perspective of you know, he knows Jeff blashill. He's from Michigan and makes a lot of sense but like that team's not turning things around and not you know, another year to you want to go to Columbus who has a bunch of cap space but that team, you know could be good. But like, you know, it depends on how you like Tortorella. It's not a big Market. It's not the way most happening place in the NHL and not saying Saint Louis's we already have a friggin podcast or we roasted Saint Louis for the first ten minutes of it. But and even st. Louis, you know, it's his team still on the up-and-up. I mean, they've got really good pieces but joining Bennington didn't really have a good year. They're going to lose Fortran jalloh. They signed that horrible contract for Justin fog that France why they can't keep the trans hello, but you'll get all those options and if the Bruins have that offer still on the table, I bet he would have taken it because it seems like regardless of who signing contracts. Everyone's either taking short-term deals or they're taking contracts phone number. Over the market value like we were pietrangelo signs with you know, he might just end up getting eight million seven and a half million or something like that when he could have probably gotten 9 and 1/2 thousand and ten and a half if there's a normal year and I think for you know, people are saying that Torey Krug, you know, he turned down that, you know, 6 6 and 1/2 6 years 6 and 1/2 million dollar contract last year..

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