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By doing it by, you know, wiping wiping down so there's new technologies. But yes, um, that virus if you can get it, you know, touch it with this open water. It's a great weight. Yes, uh, to clean, all right to Joshua in Fort Worth, Texas slow Yeah, I had had something. Now I'm going to talk about our attention. Everybody keeps saying that the flu wasn't quite so bad last year, but the numbers are damned. I was following. Actually the go big place the flu at the time around, uh, around for April, and that area has watched the numbers come in. And right now, I think it's April 15th. The CBC put a statement out that said, We're no longer tracking the flu. So if you're not tracking the flu, how can you know that The Blue was actually last last year? Well, the numbers that were recorded because it is a reportable disease. Um, is that the numbers were just really low and you've got to remember all the way through the winter. They were tracking and they were looking at and they those numbers still get reported. So, um, they do know that the number that when they do tests, I mean, so If you go in with a lot of symptoms, you're going to be tested for the flu and covid and other things and they rule out Some of it by rule out, and so they do know that the numbers for the flu have been very low. So in other words, they're they're not saying that they weren't paying attention to the numbers. They simply that there was not emphasis placed on on the tracking of the numbers I gather, is what you're saying. Exactly, And it's not just our country. I mean they were seeing that across the globe. All right. We'll come back in just a moment. With more calls at 18665. Oh, Jimbo will be right back. Donors choose support.

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