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Oh, that what's going on? I just met the guy. Maybe maybe you guys know Phil, Maggie really. Well, I'd never heard of it. I'm sorry. I had to remember his name. I had look it back up on the board. He's continuing you guys apart, Phil Mackey fan club, but he's talking about how you know the Jimmy Butler thing fell apart and all this and the options. Anyway, you were talking about like the options of where Jimmy Butler wants to go and buy, supposedly, maybe more interested in the clippers in the Lakers. Jimmy Butler didn't put the Lakers on his listen more of these people are coming out, and I've kinda wondered if the Lakers in some way in terms of building the super team in getting two or three more guys to come, whatever one or two more guys, whatever may almost did too well in the off season by getting LeBron because LeBron is too good. And so if you're Colli Leonard and you're a top five guy in the NBA and you're, you're a finals MVP go, do I wanna come to join LeBron's team? And it doesn't matter what they pitch. It's going to be LeBron's team every team LeBron plays on his team, Jimmy Butler. Does he want to do like. Does everybody wants to come an automatically be second fiddle where if you goes to Brooklyn and joins with kyri, although that I'm just looking like it's gonna be off the table. Kyrie Irving was on the jump with Rachel Nichols and said that they've got a pretty good thing over there. And he does his true Dun picture himself leaving. But you didn't Tango, you never know. Boston's gonna want to give them the money, look injuries, whatever it might be like that guy like Jimmy Butler or Paul, George, or some of these other guys can kind of convince themselves that they're on equal footing with somebody like kyri with somebody like an can't do that here. And so if you are someone like Kevin Durant, can't leave Golden State where he was criticized for hiding behind the greatest team in the NBA and then come here where he'll be criticized for hiding behind the best player in the NBA like stuff like that. If you care about those things, I'm gonna like Durant. It does. Well, lot of players do. That's what makes his comp. I mean, a lot of players get caught up in credit and the credit game. It's one of the reasons why you know Klay Thompson, for example, strikes everybody as a great potential free agent at bring in for LeBron not just because we love clay, we love Michael, that sort of thing, and not just the skillset. He does not give a damn, but any of that stuff. No play does not care about the credit. And he's also like he's perfect come here because he's already slotted in that thing. He's already been this in the second third guy, whatever. And if he stays in Golden State is gonna be the second. Third, fourth guy there. He's never going to be the a in any probably any system regardless of where he goes, I it would be kind of amazing to me if after all of this where they couldn't attract anybody here and they kept trying and thankfully got lucky. And everybody kept saying, no, there's certain irony to Lakers not being able to attract the next free agent because the first one that they attract us to. We, it's complicated me playing with Kobe, for example, and it's not a total apples to apples comparison. Because during Kobe's prime minister had cap space, you know the narrative that free. You never really got to test that because the Lakers were never in a position to actually bring in free agents. But Kobe has said before, you know, playing with me is not for everybody, and it's a little bit of different reasons than for LeBron but playing with LeBron is complicated and it's not going to be for everybody. And we've seen kyri Irving wanted out. Paul, George didn't even want to give it a shot. It's not going to be for everybody playing with LeBron and everything that comes with being a teammate of LeBron James. And I think the Paul George thing too. It's like in his head, he could kind of look at and be like, well, wait a second. It's going to be LeBron LeBron's already there and George must have known it well in advance. Like which way the wind was blowing here in Avio people in l. a. were like, seems like he's coming here like the reporting was like l..

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