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Tape This is Bloomberg radio A group of Ukrainian officials will meet with Russian delegates at the Belarus border Ukraine's deputy interior minister says talks will take place Monday morning local time president volodymyr zelensky says Ukraine agreed to the talks without preconditions after the president of Belarus guaranteed the delegation safety word of the talks come on day four of Russia's invasion of Ukraine The mayor of Kyiv says there are no Russian troops in Ukraine's capital city In a post on telegram mayor vitali Klitschko said the city continues to defend itself He added that Russia continues to shell residential neighborhoods in Kyiv He also reported overnight shootings and fighting but said Ukrainian forces destroyed several sabotage groups He said a curfew in the city will remain in place until at least Monday morning Senator Mark Warner says Russian president Vladimir Putin miscalculated with his invasion of Ukraine He underestimated Ukrainians resolve so far thank God He's not found everything he's not thrown the cyberattacks the way We expected Appearing jointly on NBC's meet the press the Virginia Democrat and Ohio Republican rob Portman agreed that Putin's rationale to invade Ukraine was anything but solid Portman noted that NATO has never been more unified than it is now and Warner pointed out that even Republicans and Democrats were coming together over the crisis However Portman insinuated that it was a mistake not to put Ukraine on the path to NATO membership much sooner Huge crowds are taking to the streets in Berlin to protest Russia's invasion of Ukraine More than 100,000 people turned out for today's march to the Brandenburg gate the large crowd caused interruption of train and underground services in parts of the city Protesters carried sign that read Putin's last war and we stand with Ukraine Police initially expected to crowd of just 20,000 to take part in the protest A deal between the MLB and its Players Association may be reached by Monday night MLB network reports despite issues still existing around luxury tax the two sides are believed to be in striking distance of a deal The league announced that if a.

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