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Scott Goldberg US, lawmakers are demanding more information about the State Department's order for non emergency workers to leave Iraq amid tensions with Iran. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham today is calling for a White House briefing complaining his only source of information as what he's reading in the news. And here's Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein. I think we should not provoke a conflict. I think that's what's happening. I think we ought to find a way to sit down and have a decent conversation. Sources. Tell ABC news. The administration could brief some senators tomorrow Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin on Capitol Hill today signaled a possible court battle over a house subpoena for President Trump's tax returns. Mnuchin says he's likely to ignore Friday's deadline to turn them over federal transportation officials are testifying about those grounded Boeing planes during the house transportation committee hearing this morning on Boeing seven thirty-seven max planes Representative Rick Larsen stated, the FAA has a credibility problem. Adding a must accepts restore. Public confidence in the ability to maintain the safest aerospace system in the world. Today's hearing comes at the beginning of the committee's investigation into the FAA certification of the seven thirty seven max in the overall safety of the plane following two fatal crashes Mona Kosar. Abdi ABC news Capitol Hill. The president today honored fallen police officers in Washington near a bright blue sky in front of the US capital. President Trump today said his administration stands firmly with the men and women of the nation's law enforcement community. We come together to pay tribute to the American peace officers who made supreme sacrifice the annual event on national peace officers Memorial Day brings together law enforcement officials from around the country as well as families whose loved ones were killed in the line of duty. Karen Travers, ABC news, the White House. On Wall Street. The Dow is up one hundred fifty six points. You're listening to ABC news Sacramento's number one for breaking news, traffic,.

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