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Welcome back to Latino USA I might be able to host before the break we were speaking with Sonya DS and who your together but a lot about the state of the Latino vote in the twenty twenty primary elections let's jump back to the conversation so a lot of the times when you're when people think about you know the power of the let the next vote they think about places like California Texas Florida that have these pretty huge Latino populations but we know that the Latino vote was significant for Sanders in Iowa even though the took considered to be a very white state let's talk about states like Georgia or Washington state or other places where you believe the Latino vote could have a big influence that people might not be looking at yeah you know my face is lighting up and I think it's so wild because we really truly Latinos and Asian Americans to a lesser extent are everywhere where there are jobs are us and that's true of Georgia in twenty sixteen when I was driving across the country from California to Virginia for the campaign I remember one of the nice things on the radio was this young woman who was running for the house the state house in Georgia and she ultimately was the first Latina he gonna elected and now she's running right now on the cycle for Congress so there's an emerging Latino and Asian American population in Georgia and they're going to be critical to thinking through how that state addresses substantive issues whether it's a women's right to choose or it's thinking through admission and instate tuition for immigrant students so what's at stake is really democracy and even getting out to the ballot box and elect in substantive candidates there are still threats that we need to think throw so I think whatever presidential campaign on the democratic ticket a successful they're gonna really have to fight like hell for down ballot the new voters have been called the sleeping giant you know for years I would say that it looks like the sleeping giant has definitely awoken and that that you are hearing a lot more about Latino voter turnout and their impact in terms of the primaries but because the Latino vote has really been so progressive in terms of Bernie Sanders it feels like the Democratic Party that feel safer with a biting ticket is almost saying to Latino voters we heard you were glad you're awake and now we really want to give you some nyquil can you go back to sleep are you concerned about this notion of Latino voters kind of feeling like well we said what what we believe but you didn't want to hear as you want us to vote for the more moderate candidate Joe Biden this notion of you know thirty two million eligible Latino voters all taking nyquil will forever be etched in my brain but two things about it you know in our reporting with us you know Latinos from all over the country forty one dealer gonna vote yes on one of the primary what if your candidate doesn't win I don't know if I want to vote and that's a problem that I think the Democratic Party has to come to terms with because if the Democratic Party has not learned from two thousand sixteen that all you're doing is trump is a bad president for immigrants and Latinos that didn't work the reality is the trump campaign this time around has formally created a Latinos for trump committee that is part of their campaign and you have evangelicals you have heads of major churches you have entrepreneurs businessmen gun rights advocates pro life advocates all over the country like V. the trump campaign is putting money into the out reach and this is gonna sound really controversial and I'm sure I'm gonna be misquoted but I'm gonna say it anyway the trump campaign is doing a better job in getting Latino Republican outreach in the Democratic Party as a party is doing in getting Latino voters to stay awake what's your take saying in terms of Latino Latino voters and their sense about the Democratic Party and its responsiveness to them as voters yeah I mean frankly I think that the Democratic Party has failed voters of color this isn't a failure on the part of engaging Latinos it's also a failure of engaging black voters and this is both because of who they select as our candidates for not seeing candidates of color supported by the Democratic National Committee in a way that we need to know for the future saliency of our democracy but also to engage and excite an electorate that is fast growing and becoming the nation's new majority so there is a strategic opportunity that has continued to be messed and quite frankly way too much is at stake we've seen the horrors of the last three and a half years and we cannot afford to continue to move a country if not the world in this direction.

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