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Jodi Mack how's it going tonight good how are you I'm doing really well you know called to comment on earlier caller animal I would be complemented Jed York on LJ York in the family stayed out of the way and I have to give props to Jed York he was heavily ridiculed in the bay area by picking Alki oak Harbaugh and we went through some tough times and he did the right thing any hired questioning and Lynch any has stayed out of the way and those two guys have a plan be how to plan and it's kinda worked out well so yeah well the three thirteen I'd say it worked out over the past two years well no absolutely but last I mean I heard somebody call back on Twitter on how true it is but the forty Niners were not a four twelve team last year they walked out in a sense go rob Lowe got her so they're able to get the number two pick and boasts a and so dad has greatly helped us and maybe a little luck comes with thanks but York I have read good take can I ask a quick question who's the coach's here Channing who's the coach last year Channing okay so are you telling me that Shanahan went from dope to genius they were foreign well because they were for twelve he was trying to when it was a bad cold he was given every effort they did have a quarterback I think the general manager who by the way has done a great job this year left a little high and dry and didn't have a good not backup quarterback and that's why they lost games but they had to say they weren't a foreign put now they were for a twelve team because they had no quarterback would pretty simple but decide where they got their quarterback did year you saw how much they jumped up they were dirt don't look very easily get three and thirty turn up mac man but she any and is in his fourth year and they're comparing him in the bay area to Walsh Wallace's were not successful but walks mated to artists for cure to the nineteen eighty one super ball like Shanahan I've been preaching you for the last two years I still think she and hand is the greatest offense to play caller right now number one and number two as he did lose that Super Bowl against the patriots Dan Quinn in his blog could defense glue that twenty eight whatever that twenty five point lead at halftime not Xining and he takes too much flak for that on sports don't yeah it was it was a combo at yeah you're given a month you're given a you're absolutely given him a free we pass it's what happens on sports talk radio man you guys hammer your hearts talk radio right now when you're giving him a free pass when his team could not get a first down with a twenty eight to three lead of court to was bad to deep Reds do it was a follow anybody who gets a laugh fit into Shanahan's lap you're right that the wrong the defense allowed to pay grade to go down the field for a lot of points you're right it was Quinn's defense but Jenny that get a free pass because he couldn't scream out a play to get a first down to keep the momentum going his way he wanted to head coach the Buck stops with the head coach just like your resume in the Buck stops with the president okay let me ask a question did you do so we can have the greatest play call overall time I said right now he's better that he I've been preaching is in the cold for years and finally worked here he said for years that code you said three years weren't they weren't all that great how do you make him the greatest play call of all time I'll tell you why because he had he read house up picking my homes soak supposed to be the greatest quarterback and and make very has the number one pick in call you know was she in here did you turn that into a serviceable quarterbacking teacher in Mali stop stop it we can't have both I know you can sing the praises of the backup quarterback good do did they bring you live here stop it stop it you can't have it both ways they were four and twelve later because they did not want to be they got a pretty damn good one and Jamie Jay and he's got a chance to win a football next year but Hey don't put Kyle Shanahan on a pedestal because he had one great your call but if when you're young French Quarter it doesn't really count he had a major contribution to Atlanta making that to won't get the twenty eight three lead because of all of the play calling but then he doesn't get a pass when he couldn't get a first down in the third and fourth quarter Dan you and I will talk either tomorrow endorsed Saturday before the Superbowl and I look forward to it dates that Kristen Najimy be on the other side of the glass I talk to you tomorrow it excuse me captain this is your wake up call from the new track from wireless what's in them what if you had to fly this plane was sitting back in the cab I wouldn't have any control well that's what it's.

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