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San Jose, San Francisco, Kcbs discussed on KCBS Radio Morning News


Problems in San Leandro, south eight eighty just beyond the two thirty eight interchange an accident just being reported here. It's slow traffic from that point forward down to highway ninety two not your any lanes are going to be blocked here. But northbound on eighty as you make your way out toward Davis street or just a north of Davis before ninety eighth avenue. The KCBS phone force reported an accident there, and it could still be blocking the left lane. CHP never did report. It definitely looks like a slow stretch stretching back beyond marina, San Francisco has had a couple issues. Let's go to George Rask. With the Chilton auto body collision Cam and take a live. Look, it was an earlier crash earlier recurring accident north at Cesar Chavez on one a one. That's left a slow there from third street and a new crash at ala mania eighty the southern freeway. Northbound Kim has left us backed up to San Jose avenue. Still looking at a very slow pattern for the Dumbarton bridge is always a late. Commute here to the peninsula. Traffic is backed up beyond Newark boulevard. It's gonna cost you the good part of the half an hour about twenty five minutes to cross this fan over to the East Palo Alto side. Your next update is at nine thirty eight on the traffic leader KCBS forecast for the bay area. Today has temperatures rising into the eighties in a whole lot of places San Jose eighty one Oakland, eighty two sceptre noon. Livermore and Pleasanton eighty-five conquered eighty four San Francisco, not quite there. But still plenty warm seventy five traffic and weather together on the eight on all news, six nine AM, seven forty KCBS. This is Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax, we have an important election on November the sixth Hampton roads has an opportunity to elect champion for our communities. Democrat Elaine Loria for congress, Elaine is a former navy commander mom and small business owner governor north of and.

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