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The next thirty seconds last week. I think that's fine. I think I'm going to you don't have to read fast. Don't trust yourself out. Okay. I think if it's a month minute thirty you believe in I believe in you. Okay. Are you ready ready starts now? Newfoundland's upon first assessment. According to me, look like a big Brown bear. They're also the number one rated dog for families. According to animal planet's dogs went to one the origin of the Newfoundland is a mystery something that it was descended from the great parodies mixed with a massive in a French hound. But everyone is very clear on the fact that Newfoundland's came from Newfoundland new fees were bred to be worker dogs and lifeguards in the water. They would haul in fish nets to the shore. And they would save anyone who fell overboard a new fee? This a new Phy save Napoleon when he fell overboard on his way back to France after he was exiled from the island of Elba crazy rent to effectively do their job. The Newfoundland is basically created to be a water dog. They have webbed feet and double coat that keeps them warm. They also have enormous lung capacity and their droopy gel serve as air passages. So that they can breathe with their mouthful while waves crashing over their head Newfoundland's have unique doggy, paddle. Here's what I t's before that their paws, actually, go down and out sort of like a modified breastroke that they haven't seen in any other type of dog newbies. Typically way Hearn sixty pounds and the largest Newfoundland on record was six feet long from nose detail weighing at two hundred and sixty pounds, which is a size of a baby elephant the American kennel club recognizes four coats on the new either black Brown grey and white and black which is called Landseer the American kennel club also suggests that this breed is an excellent apartment dog because they catch potatoes when they're not working. Here's a fun fact nanna in Peter Pan was a Newfoundland. Okay. First of all that was great. Thank you. That was a minute forty. That's fine. Okay. You're going to have to go over the gel things. Because like I was following the word yours as I could not picture. What you're you're exactly what happened? So I guess that these dogs. I would down a rabbit hole. That was at least three hours long on these guys you can see video after video of these dogs saving people. So so they'll be out in the water, and they will grab them by the year, and because their mouth is completely full the Giles. I thought you meant mouthful of water if they have something in their mouth, right? They can breathe around it. Not. So the extra skin allows it to like flap flap sideways when the waves crash over they can still get out of control isn't than same. I actually have no idea that these were like real water dog..

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