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Racism and white supremacy and everything else that has come from trump had it like i understand why all the pressure was put on the ceos but why like what is what is the argument from some these venture local leaders why they would why they would stay and it really goes to some of the real this or that tension with in me trump is is a truly in moral human be yet he got tremendous support from the evangelo community in it the egypt revenge elakel leadership for sure and it just raises a lot of questions about what is driving their political support and if you can't if one person i think i am a answers to those questions here i'm subs witting them i don't i don't believe it is there i don't believe it is their faith it's pretty sad pretty sad state of affairs there through dealt with assaf we have been told by many media let's many anonymous sources and many media outlets that gerry cohen was outraged and very angry he was so outraged and angry he went right back to his desk and got to work so give gary's up said tina powell's up said jarrett in a vodka they they've been trying to moderate their their father father in law you know on this issue but said they were on vacation so they really couldn't be bothered i'm just at this it makes me so angry because you know what none of this matters these people have no influence over their boss they can't control may camp persuade them they can't convince him he doesn't take their advice they are useless to talk about anymore are useless i find these people to be morally bankrupt if you if you are so upset that you will dispatch your friends or your personal pr from wherever the fuck it is to cover persevere upset you are than fucking quit or shut the fa cup yellow and it lease at least steve bannon is out there just admitting that he's happy about all this on the record.

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