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Front of it that the president would then stand in front of at the turning point USA conference yesterday where someone maybe could explain to me why a turning point USA I would not spot something like that behind the president when he spoke or you know in the presidential seal I'd be curious to know who I just set up the cameras here who put that presidential seal with the two headed eagle up nobody knows now is that the way it's so strange if you look at the Russian one with the two headed eagle right off it's actually it's not funny but it's kind of funny but nobody noticed it really was there well what's interesting is how on MST and see right now they're trying to say that the White House today no now let me what would be the point for the White House my gosh and certainly why would Charlie Kirk's organization do it sounds like you know and I never trump or maybe they ordered someone to make the seal and they and they mistakenly you know I think they do a list that was is a deliberate thing but it is a deliberate thing but then that's the subject of news right because there's no Mahler story so yeah I don't know much connection when I we can make one Jerry Nadler said they're doing they're going after the president on there was sufficient evidence given time well and then is supposed to give us and now we're going to talk about healthcare good grief fed stay there not on the same page now they're not but that's okay because yeah just makes it easier for the president to win reelection now I got a look at my hand yeah and and Biden's out there ripping the president ripping Cory Booker right button says he's not going to be polite at the next debate I can't wait and impolite Joe is a you know gaffes city I'm excited about that so we'll say I have to look up the line up again I I heard it the other day and I made note of it I know that there says certainly gonna be a rematch between Kamal Harrison and Joe Biden but I'm just curious to see who else is going to be up there and can't you just see Elizabeth Warren going after Bernie Sanders on the fifteen dollars the mobile age that his employee is staffers weren't receiving I'm just be interesting Hey it is going to be injured how many athletes are there we we got every local high school I think in here is that what it is they're all football teams yeah I don't know what sport they play you could kind of tell with the Jersey I it's football checking they all look pretty large even the little ones are large well if that was baseball team that walked by then any bases today well you know you can't say that there've been some you know big dudes pitch no yes poppy it but yeah pitching a bullet that he doesn't run though known is and then I'm on that's true anyway so but it is not going to be as polite and that makes me very happy the secretary as per was just sworn in he at the department of defense could be very interesting to see how the remainder of this year goes up prior to the actual nomination proceedings procedures taking place next year at the convention the president is being challenged on the Republican side do you have a clue is challenging weights Gary Johnsons Ole V. P. bill weld very good hi that you knew it was Gary Johnson's old V. P. but didn't know his name is absolutely amazing to me I just forgot his name bill well does the governor of Massachusetts bill weld is a note I happen to know bill weld because he is a notoriously big Grateful Dead fan and when he first got into politics he came looking for all of the Grateful Dead fans he solicited the support of Grateful Dead fans and and it is said that they got elected in Massachusetts the so he's at a low end Coulter is a big question dead fan did you know that this is your friend Klay but that's it I didn't know that until after we were friends she wrote an article in Billboard magazine about you know being a dead head and they some very amazing conservatives have always been big followers of the band is it is it lately isn't always political so no it man music is but but you may not it may not be political but one certainly thinks of the Grateful Dead as being part of the drug culture and neither bill welder and Coulter were part well I don't know how well teves I spoke pot but in colder never did any drugs so it's like she date there's a group of us who don't do those things call the war frets and there we go to the concerts and then we meet up so you can avoid the you know you don't want to take a drink at anybody else's Cup or anything like that gotcha yeah so you know I and culture is a war Fred I don't I don't think the world was a war I usually go to this number one I'm sure he is running with Gary Johnson he's not Johnson was smoking pot on the campaign trail that's fine yeah it's not a big deal to you the fact that today it turns your brain to mush after you know these politicians are soft up but in the night anyway lost up is that the explosion when I want to use right now exhaust up what does that mean trunk I have to quit it is much time in DC is I have a lot of sauce step of Ted Ted Kennedy was not the exception to the rule a part of the rule at that time he pretty much dominated the the bar at the Phoenix far hotel that's for sure I rather this is my favorite hotel rather him smoking a joint is opposing why why do you say that their brains and just as easily turn to mush they give very drunk people give very temperamental.

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