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Nbc sports radio already in progress on wwl am if i were advising odell i'd say hey man you gotta shave your head right down to the nuts an epa than the marijuana goes into your hair and i would flush myself with a those t remedies those herbal things that flushed your body uh because roger goodell does not like to see this kind of stuff and uh so it's but the bottom line is they can't punish him unless he shows dirty for a drug test it could say hey smoking a cigar on that picture and their swabs it appears to be white powder but you know those johnson's baby powder you know just came out of the foul with my girlfriend that's what it was yeah we call it a blunt on the street a big brown stogie looking things we call it a blunt and it's a it's a marijuana cigarette big huge black thing or brown thing and you then have this gal whose name is laura kunika she is a french model oh she is one good looked in dallas sir he meets him march eight at the look queen hotel in paris and they go off together to the four seasons george the fifth hotel and she then wakes up the next day and she says well i really don't remember very much uh i remember meeting them at the at the club but i don't remember anything after that dave hut where do they find these women who can't remember i i you know that's kind of cool you can't remember anything don't tell me they weren't doing drugs they most certainly work my ex remembered everything brian that's my next life now hurd ever knew they remember everything they do not forget every word i ever said would come back in an argument even from ten years ago like eight steel i'll memory she says that he left in the morning to take his plane to madrid he he has several planes he was there on this uh nike venture where he was promoting nike and he is doing all of these uh appearances and so this seven minute or set in second video it's only seven seconds it's on snapchat and it shows him in bed with the girl.

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