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Mark robins so Tom Brady made things official signing his contract on Friday with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a lot of analysts and experts say Brady and bucs head coach Bruce Arians is a darn good match up so don't put ESPN college football analyst Emmanuel I chilled in a group yes Tom Brady can make throws at times but it's not all the time in the you need to be able to make the big play girls all the time Tom Brady well the last few years he's twenty eight the New York first Jared the last four states whether the cardinals recalls the Steelers or last year with a bought one talk to win your first with a quarterback I don't see Tom Brady being able to do it on a consistent basis the offense not at all a day after being cut by the rams Todd Gurley is agreed to a one year deal with the Atlanta Falcons the move three girly back home to start hill back to the university of Georgia former Chargers running back Melvin Gordon gray who is two years sixty million dollar deal with Denver thirteen and a half billion guarantee and receiver Emmanuel Sanders agrees to a two year deal with the saints it starts at sixty million could get as high as nineteen million the XFL canceling the season officially will make its players available to be signed by NFL teams beginning on Monday and the NBA playoffs the patriots players their salaries due on April first however the league is leaving open the possibility of recoup some money.

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