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So I was just alighted to say people alighted for you know, different. Not just like odds full only, but I had other people. I, you know, I tweeted out the announcement and some people like, you know, breast alles. Howard. Yes. Day flirty. Yes to Haiqa. Yes, like so it's like, I'm glad this announcement has. You know, might people's dies for so many different raisins. I don't know. It's funny because I remember when Kathleen Kennedy was asked about, you know, hiring female directors and stuff, and she kinda got some flack over that. And then I feel like what was it like a few weeks later? They announced that John Fabra was doing this live action show and. Again, every outraged that you know, a white man was high. You know, another white man was higher to two. A bit of salt to that wound was that it was announced on international woman's day. Oh, in that too? Yes. Forgot about that. Boy, looking in this, it seems like they were well aware of that. I mean, you have to women here. You have to people of color difficulty. I'm not sure what his background is. He feels in the the diversity for hat wears. Yeah. Okay. Let's talk take away t- have you seen any of his films like you seem like a comedy guy? So I would assume that you have seen at least his last two movies, right? I definitely saw Thole what else? What else does he made? He, he, I, I discovered him with this movie called eagle, shark, which was like this very quirky, Wes Anderson ask like New Zealand film, and I'm I'm happy because I discovered him. I'm going to break this is gonna be my Jason ward moment of the podcast. Fifteen years ago. I saw that film or whatever it was in my quote is on the cover of that Blu Ray and DVD. So I feel like I discovered ticket t- way before everybody else, but he made this a mockumentary that was his vampire monkey medi called what we do in the shadows DC that not. No, it's very good. And then he did this drama that appeared at that permit. Sundance was nominated for a bunch of awards called hunt for the wilder people. Well, one thing that I've seen a lot of was he looks like he's directed and appeared in a few flight of the conchords episode. That too. Yeah, yeah. And I like was that was fun that that was just a fun movie to watch. Yeah, that one's good. I the my favorite of all the people announced and I have no idea what these guys done except for these one credit, but I'm gonna pretend not the credits because it's Rick. Themm Uwe we Yama. Say it again. Fumi. Yama. Fumi alma? Yeah. Rick food Miana and I just liking brackets. He's credit is dark, but when I read it just sounds like who was writing the pressure lace was just really stoked as like, don't Rick because that's I talk like a seven year old skate kid. So that really relates to may. Did you see film dope? It sounds like you have. I know I have. I have it. So I because I watch lots of style walls and I try to watch anything set, you know. So I can assimilate with your coach. No, I that's another film I thought Sundance in loved in. Who was it? Kersee Clemens was in that and cheese, you know a rising star. She's supposed to be in the flash film. Yeah, anyways, getting off track here. I do. I have to say I, I do have a limit of two Sundance references podcast. So. And you'll just you'll be dead. Yeah. Yeah. No, it's. No, he's very good. And you like dope, you talk was Doug. No, I'm excited about him..

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