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Send some students out there who are afraid just to say Good Morning Audience Good Morning Jim Cunningham are you afraid? Good Do Jim Callaghan now that's what I like to hear suddenly serious because too many young men and women today are paralyzed by their fears they give into their feelings of self doubt. They surrender their bodies to the temptations of drugs alcohol when premarital sex empty solutions these are toxic chemicals and disease spreading behavior a large screen lowers behind him. I would like to tell you a story today about a young man whose life was destroyed by these instruments of fear young man searching for love in all the wrong places shaking his head. Tragically, his name was frank. Giant screen, an image slide appears of young cartoon teenager who. Is Her wacked on drugs the title card appears his name was frank upon hearing the name Frank Donnie falls into a paranoid Trans Gretchen looks extremely bored leans over Donny. Let's get out of here. Donnie ignores her his eyes are locked on Jim Cunningham who begins his rousing reenactment of the sad unfortunate downfall of frank within minutes Jim. Cunningham. As the crowd laughing enamored of him with the cartoons slide show note during the sequence the camera speed ramp up the Ford BPS Interior School Auditorium next ten thirty am Donnas in a trans. Donnie, we're moving through time graduate what Do you screen rises upwards Jin Cunningham takes questions from the crowd from portable mic stands in the back of the auditorium. Several. Students get up and go to the Mike's. Dorky girl. Hi, my stepsister like. I sometimes worried that she eats too much over Waco mortified yelling at her sister from the. Shut up. Kim. Dorky. Girl. I'm just trying to help you. Jim Cunningham. There's no need to be embarrassed many times we because we were afraid to face the reality of our ego reflections, we shouldn't just look into the mirror we look through the mirror. Turkey girl. Thanks. Kitty former runs out onto the stage enhance Jim Cunningham, a bottle of water and a towel. She gives him a thumbs up sign and runs back offstage Nike Kid. how can I decide what I want to be when I grow up? Jim Cunningham. I think you should look deep within yourself deep within your heart and find what is in the world that makes you feel love just pure love and then go with that into your studies in your flex go towards love like it. Thank you. Donnie gets up from a seat and goes to the MIC. Lee Reason. Where can I how to fight Jim Cunningham Violence is a product of fear those who love themselves enough should have no need to fight another person learn to truly love yourself and the world will be yours Larry. Okay. Donny steps up to.

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