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Stevens has a buys the seven seed pick was got a first round byes three seat. They'll take on either number fourteen Harrison number nineteen Lima senior. And Tees. As Valley the eleven seat takes on Briggs. And the winner of that heads down since they take on the Anderson Redskins as C. six eat. Time for division three we'll check out region eleven this region that Bell Brooke was in last year. which is mostly Columbus but some Dayton and speaking of Dayton here's Wilmington these sixteen seat they'll get Marietta. Man that sounds like a high off let conference paddle. But I, tell you it's high school as the cane will take on Marietta in. Wilmington and the way that gets number one Saint Francis the sales at Saint Francis Sales. A first round. Bye for both Granville and East Mark Kademi eight nine though play in Granville after having the week off. And, Jonathan Alder the number four seed have a first round. Bye. They'll take on either ZANESVILLE are Buckeye. Valley Thirteen twenty battle there. The London Red Raiders also have a first round bye and division three region eleven and the red raiders either Chile coffee or Miami Trace Twelfth versus twenty one. Bishop Hartley's first round byes the number two seed, and waiting for the Hawks will either be Western Brown or the planes Athens. Jolly sought the high school is called the plane's not. Athens but they go and yes that's Joe Berle's high school and yes. If I haven't mentioned it on this podcast yet. Jober already has his name on that football field that's pretty cool. Jackson's got the first round by as the seven seed and waiting for Jackson we'll be Tri Valley or centennial. Thorn Ville. Sheridan the number three seat you my remember them last year for knocking off burke after the Golden Eagles. They went ten and last year didn't they? That sounds right. Sheridan either get Columbus South or Bell Fountain and the Battle of fourteen and nineteen Bishop Watterson got that last by. And the vision. Three Region Eleven. And it'll either be Eleventh Hamilton Township or number twenty, two beechcraft. So that's. Division three region twel eleven this region twelve coming up. And Bell Burke has the overall number one seats they moved down a region. When that is anyway, Bell Brook is the number one seed in division three region twelve and waiting the Golden Eagles why be the eagles of shop now Julianne or the Knights of North West and now be played at Roger Glass Stadium next week Saint Mary's memorials got the they'll take on Greenville. At the twenty fifth seed Franklin and the wildcats will host van de Dailia Butler and the battle nine versus twenty four. I should try to clarify in case I mumbled a little bit..

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