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Serving cooked meals to go At the same time, Harris his restaurant visit them at 2100 Bennis Avenue in San Francisco. House Democrats would like to know if any members of Congress helped plan the insurgents at the U. S Capitol by giving tours of the building the day before. Those tours have been banned since March because of the pandemic. But Democrats say there were large numbers of citizens in the capital the day before the riots and House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Shift told Kjos Pat Thurston today his committee has many questions about capital security. What was the intelligence? What did we know? Was that intelligence shared with law enforcement? Why were they so ill prepared? Why? Why were there not guard troops protecting the capital? Why such a graphic disparity between the law enforcement response to a peaceful black lives matter. Protests On this violent insurrection. Congressman Schiff says there will be undetermined consequences if it is proved any member of Congress provided reconnaissance tours to insurrectionists. The Santa Clara County is really reached a grim milestone 1000 deaths from covert 19 Now health officer, Dr Sarah Cody says It's a harsh reality that the Corona virus continues to be extremely widespread. In the county and throughout the state on Lee 5% of ICU beds are available in Santa Clara County right now. Your name is being announced A guest host Jeopardy more from ABC s Jason Nathan Seuin engine is currently the first guest host to take over Alex Trebek's Jeopardy. Podium will be there for six weeks of shows, and now we know who will come next. The show officially confirming Katie Couric is a guest does along with former NFL quarterback and celebrity jeopardy champion Aaron Rodgers, actress and neuroscientists Miami Bialik and CBS.

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