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Six Paul Calvi, see the desert Ford dealers sports desk is paying attention to other things other than golf is your very distracted. What's your name again? The, the track Tiger Woods ES teed off within the last hour. And look, it's a long course Bethpage Black, and it's wet. So driving is going to be at the forefront with the roughness lushes this at foreshadowing because guess what? He double bogeyed the first hole after he put his tee shot in the rough, but nobody's really talking about that. They're in Long Island, New because tiger is staying in his yacht. The local harbour. He brought it up from Florida, by the way, it's ninety feet at has three decks and has a gym and elevator and a jacuzzi in it. So there you go. That's the latest on. That's, that's that's reportedly, that's what they're saying about is he bought it for twenty million in two thousand four so sounds like it was well bought considering NFL owners are spending two hundred million plus in these super yachts, d-box may the pirates look bad. Ball, down to third Moran boots. It get anybody Nobel eleven one final D-Backs. That was all good. Zag Grank, even bettering pitched shut up onto the wait a minute. He pulls himself out with an ABA injury. Not just didn't seem like a good idea to try to push a situation. So you have no risk of that, because you have to have an app before you can actually pull it MRI scheduled for Friday. The d backs are off today, and we'll see about Zach ranking going forward, actually at one point. Some guy told me he goes you probably have a six pack onto there. You just can't see it because there's a keg on top of. Bucks rally. They beats run on one zero eight one hundred and sharks. They win and overtime at Saint Louis five four and that is sports bulk on KTAR news. All right. Forget about Jim Ida tell myself, you know what? Stop talking about it all the time, Calvin do something about it that summer vacation. And you know what? That's when I decided to become paulie points over here. That's right. My brand new national Bank of Arizona premium credit card. You know, you look you a plan that summer getaway. Okay. But then there's making it happen..

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