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Week learn the driver learn about the track fine all american day of prayer and their driver why of america very patriotic they always have no carry there and if a wonderful gay go down richmond go up to go over go out at pocono go to bristol all these tractor phenomenal and it's a great experience and the driver their find hey come the drivers are fun love and they're all going quickly if i may look at annika patrika obviously she's leaving after this year but still they were the first to allow women choatic great it's all american and i encourage every linda quick channel and dr learn and a little bit about matt car how they're not constantly whining about politics an disrespecting the flag but count the military fine and if not all to that knack very an attorney we you know very highly educated people out all these engineering all have master's degrees there it phenomenon the science and technology every car is built new every week because he track had had different bank and the third skippering on purpose so that that it is different every week coming to track their short track them the tractor launch longtrack how learn our new or get go and find it it's a beautiful day you sit outside and it it's a lot of fun now you hear the national anthem and people had their hands on their heart and singh along and i just want to say one other thing fire said alejandro valeron waiver dealers yohnka west point graduate clashes right alphand can my son and daughterinlaw i west point graduate classic two thousand eleven no him personally think the world of him and my sign is currently an active duty special forces officer with united states army though billy andrade well and we're saluting new wow and you're a house afire to let me tell you that you're great thank you very much that was that was wonderful call and and and that's absolutely right audio ghana and and that's absolutely at his west point guy and i left that out and i was remiss in doing so and you uh thankfully brought that up your anyway thank you bury latin america car toys and what about what you're not a big nfl fin then last night my husband to sack you know we watch the race and.

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