Agassi, George Floyd discussed on Mental Health In Minnesota


Outfit. But that's organizations like checkup on you. Need full honor that in young people i have the right to be angry Have the right season views because this is their right of passage is cold. Did you imagine. I can't imagine graduate or being in high school. I had like a virtual com- that i did with some young people and it was like i just i. I didn't really care for palm but it made me feel so bad that they are missing that yes even though we try to do like some virtual thing is. I think it's just like really check up on them. Because duh there's gonna be mental health out of and in the other things that i think for me agassi reflecting about like i'm in graduate school now like i wasn't out there like i'm very much more in a middle class. Stay and go. I think that I personally. I feel like i also able to do so. Many things have these conversations. Because i'm starting to become more of that adult that i'm sending home yet. I noticed i've also then also like not willing to take certain types of risk anymore and so some of the stuff that i'm doing i personally don't think it's as radical as what i was doing when i was younger because i didn't have to go through the same type of consequence it right so i think also being honest like as adults of thinking about like this because we're changing things that doesn't mean that we're changing power lines are you like are you isn't honest about that like at this point. There's so much has happened this year. That i don't have judgment about anymore. It's just like are you still like endorsing status core you. Challenging medical were not young. Adults challenged status quo. Like how do you explain that to them. They're gonna have feelings about it. Because their graduation was cold in nineteen and trunk and correction. And like george floyd like so And i think yeah so. I'm just going on a rant but I i saw..

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