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I'm on along with everybody to well over there too i didn't i didn't like a troublemaker locker room so i i wouldn't in brian urlacher hall of famer here on the rich eisen show a couple more minutes left with you so what's tonight. Where where are you watching the game tonight. We watch it. I'm actually going to the game and overexcited overexcited yeah. I'm gonna miss the kathy's box watching the game from her point of view. Okay expanded any other former parents going to be in that sweet into what i don't know. Oh not not that. I know of anyone that's going to but i know there's gonna be a lot of my former teammates. They're going to be at the game but i'm not sure whether all sitting i spoke to him about that. Are there ernie former teammates yours that you're gonna seek out because you really wanna see. You haven't seen him in a while. I'm sure i'll see a bunch pre-game. I'll we're actually grant. Park is a huge. There's a huge n._f._l. Thing going around other right now so we're my wife going there right now. It's a custom festivities there and then we're gonna hang out for a little bit there and then go over to the game early so we can see some of the free games. I never got to go to the pre-game stuff at the various games. I'm always running late from dinner or snacks or something so i never get to go. Watch all the pregame stuff so we're gonna get there to watch right. I i am aware of somebody a who is going to be in the stadium tonight that maybe you should seek out brian. I don charles's go. Chris way owes at forte. They're all working. They're going to be there and all those great guys. You're talking about referred to jerk. No no you're missing one <hes> brian yourself yeah. No i heard he was going as well as aim. One of the guys asked me and said he was. We were talking about jay cutler. They said he it was going as well. So i mean maybe you know. Maybe catch up with them right. Maybe just i'm not sure we'll be in the same <hes> same area. I'm not sure where i'll be visiting so i <hes> i'm not sure rich while if you run into them just let me know because as you know i'm i'm kind of obsessed by this relationship. Yeah i know you are. Hey okay. I'll definitely reach out to you if i if i have the first guy on the spot or something like that i bring people together but you knew that good job i do but yeah we take take a selfie. Do you know how what that would do on social media if you and jay cutler took a selfie healthy. I'm not a big social media guys. I don't know but you sociable..

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