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How far off Tottenham Hotspurs from being genuine premier league title contenders after six games. They said two points off the top spot given their league leading goal differences of plus. They would be first had they won either of their home matches in which they dominated but drop point the one one draw against Newcastle that is taught me didn't get anything in the paper straight to the office with three points out of this one terminated procedures and the three three calculation at the hands of West Henry three weeks later Chris well again, Take it away by wings. Original head Sensational for The Sensational doing terrible taking points away with us. That's just crazy wanted in the first quarter. Now, they've lost it in the last ten minutes the Western bench of absolutely the same thing. They could have woken up in mid-table yesterday morning had Harry Kane not clear Jane Krakowski header off the line and Mondays one zero win over firmly such as a fine margins at this stage of the season the state wage Tottenham one and can smoke outdoors and an interview with Sky Sports of doing something special this season. I think it was just a stage where we've we've been so close for so many years. Now a lot of us have been together for four or five years. I think the additions this decision have been great just have around the change room on the training pitch just more leaders in the team. And yeah, we just all getting a bit more experience and we know with the team we've got and the players we've got we We can do something special. So just that took governess. Just making sure every game like when you come to places like this you're fighting for for every point every result with no really a couple couple of points slip last minute goals and off. Obviously, the West Ham game was a disappointment but it's a bounce back and get grind these results out. These are the ones that count coming into the season. So yeah, we just got disabilities. Okay. So cavernous cuz it's going to be a long long as was reflected a growing sense that Tottenham should at least be in the conversation when assessing who could win the Premier League title following the interview with Kane Gary Neville said he expect this first to finish in the top four, but that he didn't think they had enough to tie. Those are they can win the league I really don't but I think because Josie Marino's that there'll be an element of him thinking he can do the unthinkable and they have got some unbelievable attacking players and it is a strange season, but that don't think they can win the league just purely because they haven't done before at that game tonight could have sworn off. Wake, you know burn the credit score that from that corner in another week and we've been in a situation there has been talk about two feet. But I think that it was finished third would be unbelievable. So ahead of you know asked all mention a sofa top them. I never thought they would be in that position. So for me, I didn't have talking to my top four oil that you did at the start the season when now including them within our top floor, so that's a massive shift of where we've been out only four of you represent a consensus of the spirit a good team, but one lacking the required quality or consistency to match Manchester City and Liverpool over scratch beneath the surface and there are Hallmark of a title-winning team. They have the credentials to push for a top spot or are we getting carried away after a good result from first-past-the-post? I remember Muhammad and in this episode will look at what Tottenham need to do to become tide chut pictures. Trying to set up a restaurant and lounge and were you thinking.

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