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The pricing on of the baselevel model has gone up thirty dollars us it's coming in at one seventy nine dollars and that's for the thirty two gigabyte version the price for the 64 gigabyte version has remained the same it's one ninety nine both became available for preorder this past friday and our shipping on september twenty second should be available in retail stores at that point as well and it is coming out in the us first followed by canada and australia later this month and then additional countries uk france germany sweden norway later this year and then future we don't know at this point where else it will be rolling out but uh that will be some time next year and that's it for the updated apple tv next up was the iphone zain apple kick things off with the iphone eight yeah that was a little bit of a surprise it wasn't the iphone 7 s seven s plus but they actually went straight two the eight naming convention overall the design is updated with glass front and back still in silver space gray in gold although they look a little bit different because of the whole glass at the glasses very interesting to its reinforced apple says with laser weldedsteel in copper structure um so i'm assuming this microscopic 'cause you really can't tell and they claim it is the most durable glass ever in a smartphone so i have no doubt when these get in the hands of real reviewers next week resi many many videos with the classic drop tests so that will be put to the test so apple making that claim is not insignificant because they know it's going to be battered in abused.

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