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To feeding Donald Trump. I would never want all the women in this country in the men who love them to this means. We're also going to put on pause. What has been happening to women in this country in it continues to happen to women in this country including the lack of opportunities for us to lead. So that is still on the agenda always. It's just right now. The most important thing is to get the most dangerous president. We've ever had a newest history out of the White House. Yeah and I you know Although it is not what we had hoped for I think having a a woman vice president is no small thing. We haven't had that you know and I think change can then come very quickly if we can move past this initial hump of just getting trump out. And then you know push toward What can be a really great future. That's an excellent point. Kelly about humor vice president. I I can't imagine it will be I'm particularly hopefully a woman of color and that will be moment for not just the Democrats for the country. We had a female nominee once before. But this we we. We have never seen the likes of these times right. Everything is different in new hope on. So thank you for bringing that up. Well so are there things topics that you would like to make sure that we talk about today things. That are really sort of on your mind as we're in this moment you know it's twenty twenty. There's the pandemic there there's so much going on Of course the Senate is is going to be back in session soon. So I'm sure that your your have that on your mind as well. It wastes it weighs a lot of my mind. Actually because I may forgive rampal in this lifetime I don't tend to be. Somebody holds a grudge. But he really scared.

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