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More money. Well focus on helping others. Don't focus on the money. Don't focus on you. Focus on the other people that you're going to help in life and i found that once i started to really focus on helping others what i could do for those other people and their stories and i started to notice people who would come to me and say hey you know you really helped me. This is what happened. You know like i was experiencing this and i was experiencing that and then i i was able to hear you speak or i was able to hear a podcast that you recorded and that made a huge difference for me so once you start focusing on helping others and not focusing on the money itself i think that is a powerful strategy to help. You become empowered as an entrepreneur and bruce. I just want to second that because at conscious millionaire it starts with the impact the conscious part and the money and i think one of the biggest. And it's going to sound when you hear this if you haven't heard it exactly this way but sound a little. I got to digest that. that's great. Is that the people who make the most money are not focused on making the money you become a millionaire by focusing on impacting other people's lives in a way that expresses your purpose and is what they need to solve their problems. It brings the two together. And that's how money is explosively literally made out of thin air. Because it's not like there's some reservoir money over here and you wanna get your part of it you create it by adding value an impact. So i completely concur to that you know this kind of next question summarises a lot of what we've been talking about today. Bruce what is your life purpose and how did it influence your business vision. My life purpose is helping others to to find their sense of calm their focus and their happiness and understand that many times it's bullying or self bullying that's holding them back and so i teach specifically about that bullying piece but i help people find their calm focus and happiness so that they can live a life of contentment. What's a book. That would help any entrepreneur coach or business owners some someone who's generating their own income through their their power. Something they're building. what's a book. That would help them all a book. That would help you is well. I'll just say. I read every single day. So i've always got books on ago that i love and looking over your my stack of books. I want to add some folks. Because i want to share this if i can because i think it's a fun way to look at this. It was a few years back. But i you stick them in every color imaginable. I think i'm keeping them in a in in business all by myself. I which weeding twenty three books simultaneously. And so that tells you that that my focus is maybe a little different than your some people's focus but some books i wouldn't pick up for another two munch that the moment i felt inspired to pick that book and they were in stocks right. I didn't put them away. 'cause i look at stuff wherever that stick was. I can tell you bruce. It was exactly the information the inspiration. The empowerment that i needed at that moment and i was just taking that journey through twenty three books simultaneously. Wow that's incredible well. This book that i just finished reading is is pretty amazing and i. I'm i was surprised once. I started reading it because i didn't. I didn't really understand the title unst until i started reading. It and the book is called conscious. Lock it's called conscious lock and it was written by someone that i interviewed recently. Gay hendricks and if you know gay hendricks he know that. He's absolutely amazing and it was written with his friend. Carol klein so to incredible people who are bestselling authors with other books that they've written and i love the the subtitle. It's eight secrets to intentionally change your fortune. And you know i thought well lock luck. What do you mean like. I don't even think of lock as being a part of my life. But once i started reading this book he defines it on a whole different way and when i interviewed him. That's an episode. Five hundred seventy nine. He talks more about this book conscious. Lock and i think you might like to check it out so check out the book. Conscious luck it's a pretty fun read and yet it'll help you change your fortune at if you're sitting there and you're not as familiar with gay hendricks i wanna remind you probably heard of the book. The big leap. And that's one of the books that made gay extremely famous bruce. I always ask my guests. I'm gonna ask you as well. What's the best way right now. If you're right now are listening to this podcast. What's the best way for people to reach out and connect with you. Well the best way is. Just email me bruce. At mindfulness mode dot com. And you can hear more from me on the mindfulness mode. Podcast and i'm on practically every podcast app. There is out there and Past i guess it's two point three million downloads and as i mentioned earlier. I help people through.

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