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So Wow, this is a lie of blatant live from Caroline. Where did you expect any different from her? Or any changes? into society has to be cushal at by The Movement from Bolt on so we hope that that would be more comfortability for the government. There will democracy autonomy. Given what you're saying and how you describe this new law, One Country Two Systems. That's what Hong. Kong was promised. Where do you think that actually stands now? Voiceover at the end? If you look at the core values of one country, two system, which is Heidi, will autonomy and Hong Kong people ruling. Coma trains democracy. Then these two things I'll finished now under the National Security Law Beijing Appointments officials in the agency in Hong Kong, which could authorize the decision of the Hong Kong government. And well the secret police and oldies truck on and law implementing call, and we can have a seat course they on the dish willing so yeah one-country-two-systems basically, and so if one country two systems. This is over, then what are you? What is the new iteration of Hong Kong that you want to say? Well. Well. This is the current state. Before us, of course, we need to fight for autonomy and democracy and this Kong people deserve and The ending of one-country-two-systems signals a huge breach of China on the international obligations and his promises to people, and this should be condemned by the international community. As a result of all this change I imagine that for many people leaving is is probably becoming more and more attractive as an option. What does that mean for Hong Kong's future in your estimate. Well off a phone call citizens, even though they are thinking leaving, but there are many of them thinking stay and to fight on their own capacity on their own front. For me, going out means I have to. Put My percent at folks on the international campaign international life because work. For the others they have their own well calculation and decision. To for me. I don't think we'll see massive outflow. Young, Collins, but as long as that he's options when they are in grave danger. They have the choice. You've said that you feel that your your decision to leave was a strategic one for the movement I? I wonder if there's a part of you, that feels that you've you've also maybe let some people down by leaving. Well my leaving I receive a little bit encouragement and support especially from the Dodge Gras community and many of us have witnessed the white terror spreading home call our friends at the facebook account did attain the Post that supports off to move them into win, and so forth so we can see that imminent danger and we all agree that we need to have some public. To talk on the international level to around the close of international funds of the movement. So I think I definitely receive any kind of criticism, but I think generally people. People think that that is a news and is a very strategic movement. And on a personal level. How does that feel for you to have been chosen as the person to do this? Why it's definitely helps, you have to leave behind your family's your friends or even the two cats that you're on the streets. these are not easy choice, but for me..

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